Yankees Remind Us “We Are New York”

The Stands Are Empty but the Spirit is Still Here

In a moving video tribute posted to their Instagram on Thursday, the New York Yankees spearheaded a campaign for all New York area pro teams that brought a subtle sense of hope to our city. Panning shots of an eerily empty New York are clipped together with portraits of our front-line workers and old footage that reminds us how as a city we’ve faced and surmounted adversity before.

The most poignant message comes at the end: “We compete. We cheer. We persevere. We are passionate. We are resilient. We are strong. We are all in this together. We are New York.”

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We are in this together. #WeAreNewYork

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While the bleachers may remain empty for a little while longer, we still have a team to support. New York. Our accolades together are far greater than any athletic divide.

Thank you, Yankees, for reminding us we are #NewYorkTough.