This Weekend at the PGA Tour

Exploring “How New York Does Golf”

“Fashion. Food. Do-or-die drama on a world stage”: the 2017 FedExCup Playoffs at Glen Oaks Club. It was said that THE NORTHERN TRUST wasn’t just any golf event, it’s New York’s golf tournament. So, ditch any preconceived ideas you have about attending. We did, and boy are we glad.

A lot less stiff than the “golf clap” may suggest, this was an event that while yes, rooted in golf, had all the makings for a perfect late August Saturday in New York. Let us break it down for you so you don’t miss the chance when it comes back ’round.


This year, The Northern Trust partnered with Taste NY for the finest on-course food experience we could have imagined. City favorites like Fuku fried chicken sandwiches, Nathan’s famous hotdogs and fries, Lobster Press, and more were on hand to fuel fans.

The drinking scene was anchored, yes pun intended, by the Grey Goose Anchor Fizz La Poire. Conveniently set between the 16th and 17th holes, the Grey Goose lounge was a prime viewing location from the balconies. Inside, hightop tables with gratis cell phone charging stations insured we got the perfect Boomerang of Dustin Johnson to post on Instagram.

Gone are the days of fugly plaid, pleated slacks for a day on the course. In addition to the handsomely outfitted players, the fan fashion was on point. Designer brand pop-ups like Kendra Scott, Trendy Golf, and the official Shop ensured the greens would be just an extension of the high style surroundings New Yorkers are used to.

Play well or your season is over. Those are the stakes at the FedExCup. This can lead to some tense drama during the four day tournament but nothing compares to the crowing moment on Sunday when a champion is named. This year’s winner: Dustin Johnson. After a huge comeback he entered into the final holes of play tied with Jordan Spieth, leading spectators to wonder if they’d be calling in sick today. After an extra holes session back on 18 Johnson stole the show to clinch is fourth win of the season.