These Are Puzzling Times

Putting NYC Back Together Piece by Piece

The times we’re in are truly unprecedented and, for the sake of our pun, puzzling. This play on words is not meant to make light of the situation at hand but it is a reminder, maybe even a plea, to #StayTheFHome.

If you’ve already cleaned, cooked, or reorganized all inanimate objects in your apartment and are feeling eager to get back on to our beloved streets: DON’T. Stay home, save lives. Instead, to scratch the itch, do one of these NYC puzzles and be a small piece in what hopefully puts our city, country, and the world at large together again. #NewYorkTough.


Food is a major part of NYC-living. Everything from your morning cup of coffee in those iconic blue paper cups to your corner dollar slice pizza shop to your neighborhood go-to for Chinese and that Jewish deli with matzoh ball soup so comforting it makes it ok that we can’t hug these days.

And now, maybe even more than ever, it’s important to support our local restaurants and celebrate the myriad of cuisines and culture they bring to our lives on a daily basis.

For those doing more cooking at home these days, you can still support the cause by signing the petition for ROAR (Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants). For all of the hospitality our favorite spots have shown us, it seems like the least we can do.


If today’s April showers are any indication, spring has arrived in New York City. Another tell tale sign of the season: the beds of tulips cropping up along Park Avenue.

Annually, as winter in New York gusts out like a passing subway the first blooms of these tulips are a sign of hope. A sign of warmer, sunnier days to come. In our current climate we may not physically be on Park Avenue to enjoy them but they’re there. Still a symbol of brighter days ahead.


If you’ve been feeling lost lately you should know that first, you’re not alone and second, there’s no one right way to navigate this situation…or our city. Completing this puzzle is a win in of itself but there’s bonus points if you can name the number of ways to travel from the Stock Exchange up and across to the Museum of Natural History!


Without suspending our understanding of the current reality we’re in, it is with cautious optimism that we hope we will be back out and able to enjoy all of the wonder of a summer in the city. And no where is that wonder on full display like it is at Brooklyn’s Coney Island.

Since 1927 summer has come in with the thundering roar of screams from riders on the Cyclone. So until that day comes, we encourage you to make some noise and join the crowds shouting from their windows and fire escapes every evening at 7pm for our nightly cheer to show support for our front-line workers.

The banging of pots and pans is also highly encouraged. You can pretend like you’re putting on your own show at the Coney Island Amphitheater!

New York City Subway at Christmas

A motto that’s been getting a lot of us through this ordeal is “this too shall pass.” We have to believe it will. History has proven so.

A quote by Winston Churchill that was shared with the NYCM team this morning continued to renew our hope: “Now this is not the end. Not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

With this message we continue to persist with fortitude day after day and hope that you too find the same strength. That way, when it comes time to enjoy this big, beautiful city engulfed in the glow of holiday lights we can enjoy it together and then warm up over a cup of hot chocolate. In a diner. With other people around. Ah, can’t wait!