The Most Interesting Things I Ate During Restaurant Week: Boar

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

The latest stop on the tour of the obscure NYC Restaurant Week Winter 2017 food brought us to the wild boar standing out on the special menu at The Lambs Club (132 W. 44th Street). Ok, so it was a wild boar ragout dressing the Rigatoncini entrée but if you are one who enjoys unique tastes, this is a wild ride worth taking.

Unlike the kangaroo burger, which had flavor and texture similar to more familiar meats, the ragout presented a distinctly more pungent taste of which you will be instantly aware. It was naturally tangy and certainly gamier, but then again, it’s wild boar. Perhaps requiring an acquired taste to fully get into, the good part is you only have till the end of your meal to acquire it. It won’t take too long to warm up to your food.


You know what they say about jumping into a cold pool – in no time your body will adjust. The same holds true for this dish. The first try may be a shock but each subsequent bite got better and more, er, normal. And you know, it’s not as if you ordered a burger.

Though if you do prefer to eat within the lines with that option you will be delighted with The Lambs Club Burger. Topped with white cheddar and shallots, it was just terrific. The complement of its size, proportion to the bun and the extras was done with impressive expertise. The bet-you-can’t-eat-just-one-at-a-time hand-cut fries – thin but not shoestring, crispy – were outstanding and plentiful. The other two people at the table were extremely happy with their choice.

Highly recommended for an appetizer is the raw fluke. Don’t be fooled by the delicate exterior, this packed a mighty fine taste, enhanced by the magnificent avocado/cilantro/honey bed on which it rested. Ask your server to be sure but chances are you will be so taken with the taste you’ll forget to listen to what else is there.


The swanky red décor and boisterous banter made the room come alive with the sound and vibe of being out in the big city. And the genuinely warm reception staff will make you feel like a million bucks. Though you will only need to spend $29 for all that lunch.