Seven Things You Never Knew About Jason Derulo

The artist discusses music, fashion, working out and more.

Gearing up to release his latest album, 777, while simultaneously launching a new fashion line, LVL XIII, Jason Derulo is clearly a busy man. “[I put my money] into things that I’m passionate about, things that I’m a fan of,” the 27-year-old artist says while at the BUILD Series event hosted live at the BUILD Studio in New York City to discuss his former, present and future projects.

While mesmerized by his ability to juggle it all, here are a few more things that we learned about the artist.

1. He’s a Hopeless Romantic

When discussing his latest single, “If I’m Lucky,” the artist explains the concept behind it: “A relationship can be incredible and that person can be the perfect person in your mind’s eye but, for some reason or another, it doesn’t work out. What I’m saying is, just because it didn’t work out in this life, it doesn’t mean it can’t work out in the next one. If I’m lucky, I will meet you on the flip side of the graveyard.”

2. He Feels Like He Won the Lottery

Asked about the meaning of the name of his new album, Derulo says: “I feel like I hit the jackpot. Just recently, we hit 102 million sales across the world. That’s just a jackpot number. My life is almost like a pinch-yourself moment. I thought 777 was really appropriate from that perspective.”

3. Believe it or Not, He’s Obsessed With Country Music

Not only did he perform at the 2017 CMT Music Awards with Luke Bryan but he’s working on a new country project. “I can’t really mention who it is with,” he says. “But they’re a country artist as well.”

4. He’ll be in Your Living Room Every Monday

“I’m collaborating with Florida Georgia Line doing the [Monday Night Football] theme song with Hank Williams Jr.,” he announces.

5. He Has a Ton of Things to Say to His 19-Year-Old Self

“Be yourself, man!” he exclaims when prompted to give advice to his younger self. “I thought I had to be weird but it’s all from watching people on television. These artists come out on stage and are just weird sometimes, so [I thought] maybe I have to be weird like that to be successful. For me, it was by any means necessary so anything that I had to do, I was willing to do. Making music was always the easy part, it was all the other stuff that was difficult: It was doing the interviews, it was having to public speak, I never did anything like that in my life before.”

6. He Boxed as a Kid and Now Works Out a Couple of Times a Day

An investor in Rumble, a gym offering boxing-inspired group fitness classes, Derulo reminisces on his former boxing days: “I grew up boxing. I would have [done it] a lot longer had my mom not took me out of it. She was like; ‘I don’t want nobody hitting your face, baby. I’ve seen him hit you in the face,’ I was like: ‘Mom, that’s the point.’”

7. Destroying a Pair of Borrowed Sneakers is What Led Him to His New Fashion Brand

Joined on stage by Antonio Brown, the creative director of his new fashion line, Derulo recounts the time the duo met. “He [Brown] lent me a pair of his sneakers for Good Morning America,” Derulo tells the audience. “I didn’t know that I had to return [them]. I did my thing, I performed on GMA and the shoes got messed up. They were unlike any other sneakers that I’ve ever seen, I just thought that they were not only different but very fashion-forward. So I invited Antonio to my compound in LA and wanted to talk and see if we could collaborate on a couple of things and the rest is history.”