Seasonal Sips

Cheers to cocktails capturing the flavors of fallPorchlight

The summer months are all about fruity “this” with a spritz of “that” but with the cooler air setting in it’s time to find a drink that offers as much warmth as your new down parka. Let’s celebrate and toast with a cocktail that captures the flavors of the season.

Where: Montmartre (158 8th Avenue, 646.596.8838)
What: Autumn in New York
Why: It tastes how the Central Park foliage looks
How: Banks 7 Rum, Apple Cider, Spiced Syrup, Egg White

Where: Seamstress (339 East 75th Street, 212.288.8033)
What: Tuck & Roll
Why: The hints of cinnamon will almost make you forget you won’t make it home for grandma’s signature pie
How: Rittenhouse Rye, Giffard Apricot, Almond, Honey, Cinnamon

Where: Porchlight (271 11th Avenue, 212.981.6188)
What: Fireside Chat
Why: The walnut liqueur is a sophisticated alternative to eating those devilishly addicting street nuts
How: Bol’s Genever, Becherovka, Amaretto and Walnut Liqueur

Where: Mulberry Project (149 Mulberry Street, 646.448.4536)
What: Bespoke Cocktail
Why: You’re so picky you still belong at the Thanksgiving kids’ table
How: You Choose – Pick your poison… Vodka, Gin, Rum, Bourbon, Rye or Brandy // State Your Preference… Shaken, Stirred, Refreshing, Aromatic, Savory, Sweet, Sour, Spiced // Take inspiration from their seasonal ingredients