October Is The Sweetest Month

Nothing But Treats From The City’s Best Answers For Halloween Candy

With the exception of maybe December and whenever you were born there is no month quite like October, when the very name instantly connects to one specific date. The first of the month immediately makes people want it to be the last. For unrivaled is the anticipation and childlike giddiness brought on by Halloween, the favorite holiday of so many. Pumpkin picking. The parade. The parties. Putting on that costume. What’s not to love?

However, once you strip away the charade of that masquerade you come to the true, visceral meaning behind the adoration of and elation synonymous with October 31: candy!

Forget the reasons you pretend to have for misbehaving. Halloween offers an excuse — a marvelously, wonderfully delicious excuse – to consume all the candy you can find. And find it you can, all over the city. With all due respect to the outer boroughs, here are three of the best spots Manhattan has to offer for engaging in this annual indulgence.

For the Confectionery Connoisseur

tiramisu-trufflesOn the unassuming corner of Hester & Ludlow Streets is a quaint storefront so vintage it might as well have “Shoppe” in its name. An old-fashioned awning rests above the entryway to The Sweet Life (63 Hester Street), a name befitting the friendly service and delightful treats found inside this cozy Chinatown nook right out of a storybook. Classic glass jars filled with chocolate-covered everything from nuts to dried fruit to gummies (loved the white chocolate gummy polar bears), a variety of delectable homemade goods made at the store itself and an array of rotating specialties highlight this warm retreat to when life was sweet.

Welcome to the Party

It is boisterous and bubbly and instant happiness at IT’SUGAR (1870 Broadway between 61-62nd Streets) where everyone is invited to join the fun. Seriously, the more the merrier says the absolutely fabulous staff at the Upper West Side location of this candy franchise where you are encouraged to revel in everything from oversized boxes of familiar brands to a single Starburst to a two-foot Gummy Worm to Star Wars Jelly Bellys. The luminous atmosphere and lively soundtrack will have you dancing, literally, your way through filling bags mixed with whatever your little candied heart desires, putting you in a fantastic mood for the rest of the day.

A Kid in a Candy Store

economy-candyThat is what everyone turns into upon walking into Economy Candy (108 Rivington Street, just off Essex Street). Faces light up when first seeing the rows of shelves lined with more candy than the eye can see. There are huge bags of butterscotches, individually wrapped caramel squares (remember those?), giant Darth Vader PEZ dispensers, so many old school brands that every generation will find reason to smile, candy buttons, imported chocolate bars, dozens of colors of M&M’s and the list goes on and on, and on. Which is fine, because that is how much time you will end up spending there since you will never, ever want to leave. Except to go eat all that candy, of course.