NYC Fitness Studios for a Fraction of the Price

One Day Only Get Fit for Less at Healthy on the Hudson HoH Preview Event2

This Saturday, May 13, is the 3rd Annual Hudson River Park Games. The day’s events promotes city wellness by offering classes from some of the city’s best studios for only a $20 donation. Offerings include instruction from 305 Fitness, RETOX Yoga, CYC Fitness, and Fhitting Room with donations benefiting Friends of Hudson River Park. Aly Teich, Founder & CEO of  THE SWEAT LIFE and ambassador for the Hudson River Park Games 2017, gave us some tips for post workout meals, insight on her workout playlist, and shed light on making the most of the day.

Why is this event a good introduction to someone who’s been meaning to get back into a fitness routine but hasn’t found the time or motivation?

There is no better way to get back into fitness than simply getting yourself up and outside! Additionally, when you are looking to get back into a routine, it’s key to try a few different methods to see what works for your body now.

Healthy on the Hudson—part of the 3rd Annual Hudson River Park Games this Saturday—is the perfect opportunity to achieve both of these goals, with an all-star lineup of some of New York City’s best studios specially popping up outside at Pier 26 in Hudson River Park, you can come out and try a few of New York City’s most popular methods. Additionally, if you are getting back into working out after some time off, sometimes you need to ease your way back in with just getting your body moving, and yoga is the perfect way to do that. Healthy on the Hudson’s Yoga Pod features Retox Yoga, Lyon’s Den Yoga, Yoga Vida, and Pure Yoga – so you will have some of the city’s best yoga offerings to try!

On the other side of the coin, what makes this an event for people with a committed workout regimen?

For people already committed to a workout regimen, this is an amazing opportunity to push yourself for a day full of fitness. With classes running on three stages from 9:30am until 3:30pm featuring the Cycling Stage, Bootcamp Turf, and Yoga Pod, you can take up to six different classes if you want to!

With so many of the city’s workout classes offering top of the line instruction for a $20 donation, how do you suggest people pick the one that’s best for them? Or, should they be looking to branch out?

HoH Preview Event3With so many options at such a great price, the fitness world is your oyster on May 13th! You can either head to one, or several, of your favorite classes or branch out and try something new – or both! I’m a big fan of pairing cardio with strength training or yoga. For example, you could take an outdoor cycling class with CYC at 1:30pm and then stay for Pure Yoga at 2:30pm!

What’s on your workout playlist right now?

Lorde – “Green Light”.

If we’re working out in the morning, summarize a post class breakfast.

Depending on how intense my workout was, my breakfast can vary from eggs and vegetables to a smoothie to gluten free toast and butter. No matter what, I always choose a high-protein meal to replenish my system and muscles. And of course, I load up on plenty of water to rehydrate!

What about an evening session, what are we making for dinner?

Dinner is usually a combination of a lean protein, some grains like brown rice or quinoa, and plenty of veggies.

How do you hope this event benefits its participants and the Friends of Hudson River Park?

This event is the best way for people to kick off their active summer outdoors in New York’s Park for Play! With a day full of New York City’s best classes outside on the Hudson River, it’s such a special opportunity that Hudson River Park is providing for people.

In return, our hope is to spread awareness that Hudson River Park does not, like so many other parks, receive government funding for maintenance or operations – so it is essential to get community support through events such as the Hudson River Park Games for upkeep of its beautiful running and biking paths and so much more, so that we can all continue to enjoy getting outside and healthy in one of New York’s most iconic parks!