Not-So-Restricted Eats at The Meadows 2017

A List for Particular Tastes and Tummies

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten intolerant or you’ll just try everything, the 2017 food lineup at The Meadows Music and Arts festival has plenty of indulgences for you.

The Queens festival has teamed up with The Infatuation once again to bring the best eats on-site this year. The Infatuation Village will feature the food site’s special picks as well as The Infatuation Snack Cabinet –spotlighting some of your favorite childhood snacks for free. That’s right, FREE snacks!

We put together a few great choices from this years list for those of you with particular tummies and tastebuds. Plus, there will be plenty of options on most menus that can get around your restrictions, but these six looked like the best picks to us.  


You can have your barbecue and eat ice cream too, thanks to these two vegan-friendly vendors!

Monk’s Vegan Smokehouse

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Van Leewen Ice Cream
Pictured here: Vegan Cookie Crumble Strawberry Jam (also Gluten Free!)


These vegetarian eats look almost too good to eat … we said almost.

Big Mozz Sticks

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John’s Juice


Grab some deconstructed tacos, wash them down with bubble tea and you’re good to go for the next live set!

Taqo Cup

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Tea and Milk

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The festival takes place September 15 – 17 at Citi Field. Check out the full list of vendors and featured cocktails.