Flatiron Fixture Celebrates #NationalPastaMonth

Linguine, pappardelle, gnudi, oh my!

A Flatiron gem that’s becoming a lot less hidden is Zio Ristorante (17 W 19th St., between 5th & 6th). They serve authentic Italian cuisine in an awesomely elegant yet casual setting, and whether you go for the $20 lunch prix-fixe, a date, dinner with 12 of your closest friends or the phenomenal Happy Hour (prices so good, you’ll think they’re giving stuff away) be sure to try the pasta. Made from scratch in house, you will most definitely taste the difference. Happy #NationalPastaMonth!

For the love of everything, Gnudi (NYOO-dee) will have you floating on air – if not the pillowy soft ricotta dumplings you will delight in eating. Only $5 for the Happy Hour version, the mozzarella is homemade, too.

Linguine with Manila clams is one of the most popular dishes on the menu, especially with the large number of Italian visitors Zio welcomes – a sure sign this tastes like home.

Paccheri is tubular, rigatoni-like pasta topped with a homemade Bolognese sauce that is so good you may think Grandma made it.

Like a favorite chair, you will sink into what feels like an endless bowl of Pappardelle with house made lamb ragu. Like all the pasta dishes here, the flavor of this one reaches out to give you a hug.

Fettucine and shrimp with a Calabrese chili that’s just spicy enough to let you know it’s there without overdoing it. This one tastes like vacation. Seriously.

The pictured noodle is tagliatelle but that is not the important thing here. Focus on the truffle cream sauce that, if you ask nicely, the chefs will likely make for you. Truffle. Cream. Sauce. Which, if you get really lucky, is sometimes topped with fresh black truffles.