Kaitlyn Bristowe Talks New Podcast, Wedding Plans and the Current Season of The Bachelorette

In Off the Vine, the former Bachelorette is just as candid as she was while on television.

No, former bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe and fiancé Shawn Booth don’t have any wedding plans yet. “It’s so funny, every time people ask me that I’m like: ‘I should have some sort of answer,’” she says. “We’ve talked about it but we don’t [have any plans]. We’re totally happy being engaged and one day we will get married.” 

Her relationship with Booth is only one of the many topics that the 31-year-old reality TV star will tackle on her latest endeavor: a podcast called Off the Vine. Kicking off the debut episode alongside her fiancé, a fitting first guest, Bristowe is planning on welcoming a slew of Bachelor fan favorites in upcoming segments.

In-between podcast tapings, Bristowe set aside some time to chat about the current Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, what season of the show she originally auditioned for and why social media trolls don’t bother her anymore.

How did your new podcast, Off the Vine, come about?

Since a young age, I always wanted to do radio. I really have no idea where that comes from but I did and, now [that we are in a digital age], a podcast [sounded great to me]. So, I decided to start one and have it be [something that] people can [listen to while going] to the gym, on their way to work or their way home and just have a fun 45 minutes. I want it to be empowering and funny. Just hanging with guests and drinking wine and allowing people to be themselves in this kind of unfiltered podcast.

What inspired the name Off the Vine?

I was getting all my friends to come up with ideas. I was thinking “Off the Cuff,” because I like to say things that are on my mind without thinking about it. Then someone I work with suggested “Off The Vine” and it landed with me! Not to mention I come from The Bachelor and roses come from a vine! Wine, roses… Off the cuff… It all made sense.

What subjects will you be tackling with your guests?

I think it kind of depends on the guest. I want it to be a raw conversation, I try to interact with the listeners as well. So, whoever the guest is, I’ll get listeners to Tweet me questions and I’ll be interactive with all of them as well.

Will we hear any never-before-heard-of details about The Bachelor while listening to the podcast?

Yes! There will be some inside scoop and secrets.

Speaking of The Bachelor, what would you say is the one thing people don’t know about the show?

Probably that they really do not give you time with anyone unless it’s on camera. There’s no hanging out afterwards, when all the cameras are gone. I feel like people’s number one question is: Why don’t they eat food on the dates? It’s because nobody wants to watch people eat on camera. You’re supposed to be having conversations and so you actually have buffet-style meals [by yourself] before you go on the date.

The show worked for you: You found Shawn. What do you think is the key to successfully continuing a relationship once the show is over?

I always say that if you even took online dating [as an example], probably one out of ten or twenty [relationships] would work. I feel like that’s just the world we live in, where it’s just really hard for people to work through relationships and I do think it adds so much pressure coming off a reality TV show and being in the media. For my situation, I think it was nice for us to just go back into somewhat of a normal world. Not jump into another TV or not try and chase the fame. Just kind of get some sort of normalcy in our own lives and try and just stay out of the limelight.

Does the magic fade away once the cameras are turned off?

I think so. I think reality sets in a little bit and Shawn and I always say that you really start dating when the show is done. You are engaged but you barely know this person and that’s when you start dating and that’s when you really figure out if it’s going to work or not. For us, we were glad [the show was over] because we couldn’t wait to get back to normal lives and be able to just date each other and go out to dinner in public and go grocery shopping and go get coffee.

What are your thoughts on the current season of The Bachelorette? Any predictions?

I don’t know, it’ still so early and so much can change. I don’t have predictions yet but I do think it’s a very entertaining season and I do enjoy Rachel as the Bachelorette. She’s a strong woman and I like that.

Any favorite contestants yet?

Everyone hates me for this but I absolutely loved “Whaboom.” I thought he was just good TV. He’s a producer’s dream and it was entertaining. I [also] really like Peter, he seems like a very sweet guy.

Tell us about the casting process. How long did it take you to actually get on the show originally?

My girlfriend was the one who set out to get me on the show so she figured out everything we had to do and did all the paperwork. We sent in [the package] but it was for Juan Pablo’s season. I didn’t even get a phone call and it was a year later they called me and asked me if I was still single. They kept me on file. From that point on, it was a few months.

You and Shawn are both very active on social media. Does the backlash and trolling that is part of that world ever get to you?

I just feel like, with that many followers, people are going to disagree with me and people are going to say nasty things and if I can use that to empower other girls and talk about it, I feel like that’s part of who I am: Standing up for myself. People say all the time that I’ve helped them stand up for themselves and be who they are. It gets annoying sometimes obviously and sometimes when people are really nasty it kind of hurts but, for the most part, I try to use it as a way to just turn it around and either call them out or just ignore it.

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