If You Can Make It Here – This Is How

Kiara Horwitz, President & CEO of KHPR, Inc. Talks About her 5 Pointers on how to Build a Successful Business in New York City

unnamedWith a client roster that’s included the wildly popular Dos Toros, cult favorite SoulCycle, the popular dating app The League, and a number of other highly regarded brands, KHPR, Inc. knows the industry inside and out. After leaving a public relations career at larger agencies Kiara Horwitz founded KHPR to offer the personal attention to clients that first enticed her down this professional path. Six years in, she’s learned a lot and took some time to share her tips:
1. Be Positive.
First off, when you are ready to leave a place of work where you work for “the man” to step out and work for yourself, always remember the positive of what you learned – What you learned TO do and what NOT to do! I learned an incredible amount of to-dos and what not to do throughout my years at different PR agencies – its a tough business with some mean people, however I always tried to stay positive and looked towards a brighter future.
2. Be Yourself.
Always stick to your values and have personal pride. Growing up, I was always scared and nervous to be the real me, however when I finally learned who I was through the struggles that I was dealt in my life, I finally became who I was meant to be – and that is someone I am proud of. I never give up and always stick to what I believe. It’s good in business and personal life.
3. Get Out There!
If you want to build a strong and proactive business, you need to get out there and be social. Network and meet people – even in places you never thought you would go to or events you don’t want to attend – you just never know who your next client or good contact might be!
4. Work-Life-Balance.
I do not believe in 24/7 work. I am a firm believer in having a work-life balance. If there are no emergencies happening with clients or events you don’t have to attend, “put down your pen and go do something that makes you feel good,” as my mother always would say. There is no reason to sit at an office until 10pm at night, the work will continue the next day. This is PR, not brain surgery.
5. Be Aggressive.
The only way to succeed in this city is to be aggressive. I have amazing clients that have been under the KHPR umbrella since the beginning, 4 years ago and of course some wonderful additions along the road. But, you must always be aggressive and proactively pitch your own business. New business is good business. The faster you grow, the more your clients grow and the success will just keep rolling in!
Photo Credit: Lisa Richov