#GOVBALLEEEEATS Curated by The Infatuation

The Infatuation’s curated food line up for Governors Ball will rival the music for the festival’s number one reason to attend

Governors Ball is set to take New York City by storm during the first weekend in June. Once again the uber popular event will feature three days of delighted festival goers reveling in the elation of sensory overload from the unparalleled lineup squad running 55 deep. Of course, we are talking about the food.

To those in attendance between June 3-5 the bands performing on stage will provide some of the coolest dinner (or lunch, or breakfast for those who may not have slept) music ever. But think of them as ancillary complements to the main event. For it will be the panoply of palate pleasing delights appealing to the foodie, the wannabe foodie, those who love to eat and those who need to eat.

“The biggest key,” said Andrew Steinthal, co-founder of The Infatuation which is responsible for curating the food lineup, “is getting vendors in the door that the younger demo who are going to be buying Governors Ball tickets anyway, or maybe buying tickets specifically for the food, are going to be really excited about.”


Steinthal and his team are fast becoming the go-to for what and where to eat in this town. They have earned the trust of so many by simply speaking the language of he or she who is hungry. On the rapidly growing food review web site which aims to “talk to people like people talk to their friends” their love, well really their infatuation with all things food shines through. Good joss then, if you are planning to be at the event. For you will be able to benefit from their good taste in taste.

Among the seemingly endless array of restaurants that will set up shop for your dining pleasure, here are some of the highlights not to be missed.


Think of it as an opportunity to meet thousands of new friends, because you will certainly have that chance while waiting for these two spots. These are a must.

Ramen-Burger-630x420Ramen Burger
As popular as it gets, and there is no reason to think this year will be any different. Delicious beef and a bun made of ramen instead of bread, “They had a line from the moment the doors opened to the last moment of the night,” proudly proclaimed Steinthal. All those people must know something.

Black Tap
Perhaps you have seen the milkshakes that look to be straight out of Willy Wonka’s dreams.  These incredibly popular sweet treats will be on hand, not to mention a black & white shake made custom for Governors Ball. The line may be long but the payoff will be heavenly. People will be “so psyched they have the chance to eat one of these…while they’re waiting for whatever band,” said Steinthal. With one of these shakes in hand, can’t imagine you’ll notice the band.


Event organizers are definitely mindful of your wallet when setting prices but given the weekend will feel like vacation anyway, why not treat yourself to something extra special, even if it costs a little more.

Harry & Ida’s
A “new school”, artisanal pastrami sandwich that Steinthal says is “pretty freaking good”, even if you are partial to the old world style. So sure of this he said, “I guarantee you go eat a Harry & Ida’s pastrami sandwich and you will be a happy man.” Though maybe not as happy as if you eat the pastrami nachos, being made exclusively for Governors Ball. Pastrami nachos. Come on.

Harry & Ida's

Lobster rolls. Really good ones. Crab and shrimp rolls, too. What more do you need to know?


Great care was taken to include more options for those who prefer the healthier side of food, and there will be many vendors offering gluten-free, seafood, vegetarian and vegan items.

by Chloe.
“Vegan food that doesn’t taste like vegan food,” according to the description on the festival’s own web site, this should make a lot of people happy.

Some of the SoHo’s, and the city’s, best seafood is found at this divine location and you will be well-served to make it one of the stops on your Governors Ball food crawl.


Because you all secretly long for the fried and delicious things the children get to eat when everyone goes out to dinner, and for the one or two of you who just might have the munchies after some time spent at a three-day, outdoor music festival, here is how to feed your younger soul.

The Nugget Spot
Go on, cheer as if you were 12 again. Chi-cken Nug-gets! Chi-cken Nug-gets!

Dan & John’s WINGS
There may not be such a thing as a bad wing but few are superlative. As Steinthal said, “As far as we’re concerned it’s the best buffalo wing that New York City has seen in a very long time.” Of course, better to be eaten.

Dan & John's Wings

Melt Shop
Grilled cheese, lots of versions and creations of them.  And tater tots. Repeat: grilled cheese and tater tots. Have fun.

Photo Credit: The Infatuation