Fall Flea Market Finds

Mo. Import Co. Will Host a Pop-Up at Artists & Fleas SoHo

Fall flea market finds. Say that five times fast! Actually, don’t waste your time and instead start making your way down to SoHo where Artists & Fleas brings the best of independent art, design, fashion, vintage and more in a dynamic marketplace setting. From Monday, September 18 through Sunday, September 24 Mo. Import Co. will host its first pop-up, bringing with them their storied goods for us to browse.

There’s items for almost any kind of person and style. Dakota Arkin Cafourek, co-founder and importer along with her husband Andrew, has scoured cities from coast to coast collecting the ornate and original and has given us a rundown of some of what we can expect at their SoHo booth:

Best fit: Vintage Wooden Skis

A wood branding shows us these wooden skis were produced in Paris, Maine by the Paris Manufacturing Company. Paris Manufacturing was the first commercial maker of skis in the U.S. supplying skis to the army during World War I and World War II and notably the 10th Mountain Ski Division during WWII stationed in the Alps. Found in a military surplus store in the Missouri Ozarks these skis are originally white, a typical camouflage for military skis. Underneath the base of the ski is natural wood with the inline carving painted red and blue respectively on the left and right skis—we could suspect as an ode for the pales and Chief of the American flag.

Best fit: Café Society Rajasthani 3-Panel Screen

Own a piece of history with these Rajasthani three-panel screens. Produced in India’s “Land of Kings” these wood carved masterpieces were purchased in the 1940s by members of New York’s café society. Displayed in a historic home which comprised an entire city block in Atlantic City, these belonged to the first dealer for Volkswagen in the United States and his wife, a fashion model and burlesque dancer in New York City. The couple enjoyed these screens in their home when they weren’t gallivanting from the various private clubs of which they were members including the Stork Club, El Morocco and the 21 Club. If this isn’t boho chic, I don’t know what is. Use as an ornate room divider and ultimate conversation piece.

Best fit: Jedrek Liquor Locker

This fire engine red industrial metal locker is perfect for liquor and bar storage. A natural-born statement piece, I spotted it in Ozark — located in the southwest Missouri mountain range that is captivating America with Jason Bateman’s crime thriller and season three of True Detective all set in the area. The deep shelf allows for ample shelving of glassware to serve up any New Yorker’s spirit collection. The Jedrek Liquor Locker is at once a rustic and industrial decor item in any home that is good for storage too. And if the ghost of Jesse James happens to shoot at your booze collection, at least you can rest assured your bar is bulletproof; although you might need a Ouija board. By the way, there’s a lot more craft cocktails, cold brew and seriously cool discoveries in the Ozarks than the television dramas reveal.

Best fit: Mid-Century Hoosier Cabinet

Let me introduce you to the Hoosier cabinet: freestanding kitchen cabinets with heaps of storage and a slide-out enamel counter. They might hail from Indiana, circa 1900 through the 1940s, but they are the perfect addition for the small kitchen chef. Accessorized with a combination flour bin/sifter, a tambour compartment and ample cabinetry, it’s the pantry and workspace one-wall New York apartment kitchens are missing. It even separates into two parts, ideal for carrying up to your fifth-floor walk-up.