Everything You Should Know About the New Season of “Fuller House” Before it Premieres

The cast clues us in on what’s to come.

Fuller House, the sequel to ‘90s defining Full House, returns for a third season on Netflix on September 22—just in time for the original show’s 30th anniversary. While gearing up to spend the weekend binge watching all nine episodes, read on to learn what the cast—Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber—revealed about the upcoming season while stopping by the BUILD Series event hosted live at the BUILD Studio in New York City earlier this week.

It’s Still About the Stuff Between the Lines

“When they’re looking at each other on the new show,” says Saget while pointing at the women on stage, “You can see that something happened. Not just sentimental stuff but that something goofy, really weird happened [and] they can’t even get their lines out.”

Don’t Expect All of the Actors to Watch the Season While You Are

“I’ve seen two of them,” reveals Coulier when asked how many episodes of the show he has watched. While Sweetin echoes his sentiment (“I’m always weird, even when the show was on originally, I was like I don’t need to watch myself”), Bure, Barber and Saget fall on the other side of the spectrum. “[I’ve seen them] many times,” says Bure. “I’ve seen many of them, I haven’t seen all of them,” responds Saget. “I still watch the show, if it’s on!,” comments Barber.

D.J. is Still With Matt… For Now

At the end of the second season, D.J. chose Matt and that’s still going to be the case as the first episode kicks off.

Coulier Directs One of the New Episodes

After sitting in the director’s chair for one episode during season two, Coulier gets to show off his chops once more this year. “It’s a different side of Dave,” comments Bure. “I’ve seen that side because he’s also a pilot and so when he flies he gets very serious and it was the same person when he came in as the director. He was not joking around on this side and Dave is one non-stop joke and he puts on this serious hat but he is so professional and then when he came back as an actor for the next episode, he paid no attention and I was like: ‘You just directed and were so professional, what happened?’”

Expect Female-Centric Stories to be a Constant Theme

“Being moms all ourselves and having all these different parenting styles and different relationships, we get to bring a lot of those real life stories and things that have happened to us in life to these characters and to the show and create this sort of reality for the characters,” muses Sweetin.

There Will be “One Long Episode” Set in Japan

“It’s the longest Full House episode ever,” says Sweetin. “The experience was unbelievable,” recounts Bure while discussing their two-week trip. “We have been to Tokyo a few times with the show and the fans love it there and that was the big reason why we went and shot there. We had an incredible time and it was a very nice balance of a lot of hard work—it was kind of a crazy, nutty schedule—but we had a lot of fun and play time as well.”