Everything We Know (and Are Allowed to Tell You) About New Interactive Show “Curiosities”

A new immersive theater experience lands in Brooklyn.

Joining the recently crowded experience theater scene in New York City, Curiosities is a newly launched immersive show that catapults participants into the 1930s world of bootleggers and misfits.

Set up at the Menagerie in Brooklyn, the show goes above and beyond to set up an authentic atmosphere, completely reminiscent of the period it seeks to emulate. From the space’s décor to the actors’ complete devotion to their roles (never breaking out of character!), Curiosities undoubtedly succeeds at recreating a long-ago era for the entire hour-and-a-half production.

Although the aura of mystery that surrounds the show is possibly its main draw, here are some things that we can tell you about Curiosities. Read at your own discretion:

1. The Show is Odd

Leave your inhibition and pre-conceived notions at the door because this show is simply weird. Don’t expect a linear storyline and make use of your imagination to figure out what, exactly, is going on.

2. You’re in the Hands of Theater Experts

Broadway veterans Bryan Knowlton (A Chorus Line) and Anthony Logan Cole (Les Miserables) helm the show, which also features work from a variety of professionals from other New York City productions, including Sleep No More, Queen of the Night, The Grand Paradise, Then She Fell and Seeing You.

3. You Will Get Touched

Beware: Sexual undertones abound. Do expect for an actor to grab your hand and possibly guide you towards a very dark dancefloor or some hidden area within the warehouse. Bonus advice: Use that private time with the actors to ask all the questions you may have about the show.

4. Forget 2017. You are in the 1930s.

The experience takes guests right in the middle of the 1930s, a time with no cellphones or social media. So put that phone away and start navigating the cabaret lounge that you will find yourself in upon entry, mingling with a set of very interesting characters and performers.

5. Indulge All Your Senses

You can spend the entire time watching performers from afar, but that wouldn’t be fun. Participate as much as possible: Agree to be the star of an incredibly strange magic show, to be trapped in a tent with a terrifying storyteller and to be amazed by a character referred to as “The Painter” (the show’s best feature). Be a part of it all.

Curiosities runs through November 26. Buy tickets here.