Eric Bigger is Open to Becoming the Next Bachelor

Just Days Before the Airing of the Finale, Former “The Bachelorette” Contestant Eric Bigger Discusses His Experience and More

Spoiler alert: Eric Bigger is not engaged. He did, however, get to vie for Rachel Lindsay’s heart on The Bachelorette, meet her family, introduce his own and spend some off-camera time with her in the Fantasy Suite.

“I was real throughout the whole process,” says the 29-year-old just days before the show’s finale airs on ABC. “What you saw is what you got, it was me. Whether I was good, bad, happy, sad.”

Now gearing up to tackle life post-The Bachelorette, Bigger, a fitness trainer, would like to work on “anything that involves helping people, giving back, philanthropy.” As for the possibility of becoming the next Bachelor, he says “I’m not one to just pass, I’m open.”

Below, Bigger opens up about his experience and more.

Tell us about the audition process and why you decided to go on The Bachelorette

The audition process was more so handed to me. I didn’t go looking for it. I had a friend who works in production, who has a friend who was casting for the show. I went to the audition, they loved me, loved them. Moving forward, the rest is history. And now we’re here.

Did you know that Rachel was going to be The Bachelorette?
Prior to the audition, no. I found out afterwards.

And, luckily, you ended up actually liking her.
Yeah, it grew over time. It wasn’t right away.

Did the experience meet your expectations?
I didn’t have any expectations. I was just there to see. [It was] an opportunity on my radar and why not try to see [what would come of it]. I was curious more than anything. Anything that could come out of it that would let me grow and learn and see what was there, [I was open to].

Watching the episodes on TV now, would you say they’re an accurate depiction of what you went through?
Yeah, absolutely. I was real throughout the whole process. What you saw is what you got, it was me. Whether I was good, bad, happy, sad.

What is it that we don’t see on the episodes?
There’s a lot of downtime. Obviously, you can’t show everything. I fell off the golf cart, [for example]. I dislocated my shoulder.

The million dollar question: Would you want to be the next Bachelor?
I’m open. I’m definitely open to new opportunities. I’m not one to just pass, I’m open.

What’s next for you?
I’m a fitness trainer. I do a little motivational speaking but I’m open. I never thought I would be on The Bachelorette, so anything that involves helping people, I want to do. Giving back, philanthropy. If TV calls my name, I’m hoping for that. I’m a diverse individual and I can do multiple things but everything will be about impact and helping and giving back and taking advantage of the opportunities that come my way.