Athlete Spotlight: Interview with CoCo Vandeweghe

CoCo Vandeweghe Kicks-Off the US Open with a Party at Hakkasan

(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for AYS World)

Today marks the official start of the US Open in Flushing but number 21 ranked CoCo Vandeweghe got things under way on Friday night with her kick-off party at Hakkasan NYC. A self-proclaimed “foodie” the atmospheric Cantonese spot in Times Square was the perfect place to enjoy the time leading up to the final Grand Slam event of the season. At the party we got a few minutes to hear Coco’s thoughts on the event and what she’s hoping for during these next couple of weeks of play.

The slogan of the U.S. Open is “Only in New York,” so give me a memory of something that happened at a previous open that would only happen in New York.

Well, I think it would be my grand slam debut: Arthur Ashe opening night, following Earth, Wind & Fire against world number one in the world, Jelena Janković. I’m sixteen-years-old and playing for the first time and that could only happen in New York City.

What are some of your favorite things to around the stadium or near your hotel in New York when you’re in town, if you get the chance to?

I think it’s more of the food aspect. I’m a bit of a foodie. I am down by Flatiron, so I go to Eataly, that’s like my favorite place to go. You can get just about anything you want and it’s a cool vibe, it’s fun.

But then you know it’s so fun just to explore the city. I love to see a Broadway show, so usually I catch one of them, always.

What are you hoping to see this time?

I’m hearing Kinky Boots.

You say you’re a bit of a foodie, how’d you come to pair up with Hakkasan for tonight’s party?

Well actually I was approached with hosting a party with the group, and I was like, “This would be amazing.” I’ve heard about Hakkasan but I haven’t been here, mainly the Vegas one is what I’ve heard about. And I’m sent the menu, sent the options, and I was like, “This is so me.”

(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for AYS World)

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten tonight?

The swordfish was amazing.

You’re kicking off your U.S. Open experience for 2017 here tonight. In an ideal world how does it end? A win, of course, but what else?

Well, I think this being the home slam, I would love personally and kind of selfishly to have my home slam behind me. I think that’s one. U.S. Open, yes we get great crowds and everything but to have like a pure U.S.A. slam because we experience it when we’re outside. When you go to the French Open, they are all behind the French players or you go to Australia they’re one million percent with the Aussies. I just want to feel that out here at the U.S. Open and kind of relish in that moment.

Well, I’ll tell you that I’m behind you, New York City Monthly’s behind you and we’re wishing you all the best!

Thank you!