We Call Bull

Meet the Brothers Behind Dos Toros

While growing up in Berkeley, California, brothers Leo and Oliver Kremer ate at their favorite taqueria “eight days a week.” Imagine their surprise and disappointment when they came out East and realized that the food that monopolized their diet wasn’t to be found here.

In our interview with the pair they proclaimed themselves “bullish on burritos,” hence Dos Toros (two bulls) – the brothers’ answer to a lack of fast, casual Mexican in NYC. “I think we were mid our 10,000th burrito and just this lightbulb… Other people might like this as much as we do and may not have access to it like we do in Berkley. And maybe we should bring it to those people,” Leo explained on how the idea first came about. “It was passion, and then we found our purpose: to bring the burrito to New York City.” While remaining involved on the ground level, the Kremers have continued to build upon their success and will be expanding outside New York later this year, opening their first store in Chicago.