Top Ten Things To Do In July


Broadway in Bryant Park.

Summer theatrics at its finest.

Central Park may get all of the attention most days, but in the summertime, Bryant Park is where the action is at. Broadway action, that is. Beginning every Thursday from 7/9-8/13, Bryant Park will play host to an endless variety of musical productions that can all be found on the Great White Way. These midday, hour-long concerts allow onlookers the chance to see cast members perform famous numbers from all of your Broadway favorites, including Cinderella, Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia, and many more. And the best part is, it’s absolutely free! So grab some lunch and a blanket and get ready to experience the best picnic you’ve ever had. (Sixth Ave. and 42nd St.)

American Art.

Get ready for some MoMA magic.

Art lovers will want to make a point of checking out one of the Museum of Modern Art’s latest and greatest exhibitions: Andy Warhol: Campbell’s Soup Cans and Other Works, 1953-1967. The Campbell collection consists of 32 different canvases made up of – you guessed it – Campbell’s soups, which will be presented in a single line that expands around the entire length of one room. Visitors are then free to peruse each individual frame and admire the various details that subtly distinguish one can from the other. You’ll never look at a soup can the same way ever again. And, as an added bonus, other early works from Warhol’s world-renowned career will also be on display for your viewing pleasure as well. (11 W. 53rd St.)

BBQ in the Big Apple.

Summer grilling season is here.

Nothing hits the spot better than a summer BBQ feast. And luckily, NYC has everything you need to bring your soul food desires to life thanks to fine culinary institutions like Blue Smoke. This establishment offers up a vast array of smoked meats and fresh produce that are guaranteed to bring an extra layer of Southern comfort to your meal. From fried chicken and biscuits to pastrami-spiced short ribs, this place has everything you need to send your taste buds into overdrive and begging for more. (116 E. 27th St.)

Stars & Nautical Stripes.

When stylish meets patriotism.

It just wouldn’t be summer if you didn’t add a few stars and stripes into your wardrobe. And it just so happens that no one place can provide a better nautical stripe ensemble than Ralph Lauren. Whether you’re looking for something to wear to the beach or simply stroll through the city streets, this selection will make you feel sporty with an all-American elegance no matter the occasion. (

Magic at the Marquis.

Penn & Teller take on Broadway.

Are you itching for a magical night on the town? Well then, Penn & Teller’s Broadway return is exactly what you’re looking for and so much more. Running from 7/7-8/16 at the Marquis, these master magicians will make the impossible possible. Their act will include elements from their ongoing show at Las Vegas’ The Rio as well as old classics from their legendary performances. Trust us, this is one show nobody should miss. You simply won’t be able to believe your eyes! (1535 Broadway)

America’s Pastime.

It doesn’t get better than a day at the ballpark.

What better way to celebrate this country’s independence than by reveling in the joy of America’s favorite pastime? Take a trip to the legendary Yankee Stadium this Fourth of July and watch as the New York Yankees battle the Tampa Bay Rays for nine innings worth of athleticism at its finest. All you need is a ballpark hot dog and ice-cold beer, and the sense of pride and patriotism will just start flowing out of you well before any fireworks start. Our Founding Fathers wouldn’t want it any other way. (1 E. 161st St.)

Riverside Suds.

Nothing beats a bar with a view.

Why settle for just any old bar when you can live it up at a classy venue right on the water? Located mere steps from South Street Seaport, Watermark Bar & Lounge provides a serene and stylish setting for its patrons no matter the occasion. Not only can customers indulge in a variety of signature cocktails and mouth-watering burgers, but they can do so all while overlooking a stunning panoramic view of the East River. When it comes to relaxation, it doesn’t get much better than this! (78 South St.)

Bust A Move.

Dancing With the Stars meets Radio City.

Music and dance lovers will want to shimmy on over to see Radio City Musical Hall’s next big attraction: MOVE LIVE on TOUR. Featuring Dancing With the Stars siblings Julianne and Derek Hough, this one-night only spectacular dance production will include a wide range of solo, duet, and group performances that range from ballroom and salsa to tap and hip-hop, and so much more. Between the high energy and phenomenal costumes, you won’t be able to stop yourself from joining in on the fun. But hurry – the party kicks off on 7/9 starting at 8 p.m. (1260 Avenue of the Americas)

Who Wants S’more?

Pizza like you’ve never experienced it before.

Just when you think pizza couldn’t get any better, Catch NY ups the ante by turning this American staple into the ultimate dessert. Allow us to introduce you to the s’mores pizza. And yes, it really is as amazing as it sounds. Sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs and topped with gooey chocolate and roasted homemade marshmallows, this genius invention proves to be a thin slice of heaven. After just one bite, we guarantee you’ll want s’more. (21 9th Ave.)

Taking (Lady) Liberties.

Celebrate patriotism at America’s greatest landmark.

Nothing will put you in a more patriotic mood this Fourth of July season than a trip to the very place where freedom and opportunity reign. Of course, I’m referring to The Statue of Liberty in all her blazing glory. Thought of as one of America’s most notable landmarks, Lady Liberty is a national symbol of hope that proves how truly great this country can be. So whether you’re interested in making that big climb up to the crown or simply buying a take-home souvenir from their museum gift shop, this excursion is the perfect way to further appreciate our nation’s impressive history. (Liberty Island)