Thankful to Be in NYC

Giving Back and Also Taking In All Our City Offers

We’re always thankful to be in NYC, but never moreso than at this time of year, when the city is at its most welcoming. As autumn leaves give way to the season’s first snow, we have so many great activities, indoors and out, to remind us why living here is such a privilege. Below, four of our favorite Thanksgiving-time ways to say “thank you” to New York:


Feeding NYC
It’s hard to imagine that, in the greatest city in the world, so many of our neighbors struggle with hunger. But New York’s approach to the problem is comprehensive, ranging from city-sponsored outreach programs to private groups and non-profits. One such outreach effort is Feeding NYC, which hand-delivers complete Thanksgiving meals to families in need. On November 21st, the group will build on last year’s success, when they delivered nearly 35,000 meals, and volunteers and financial contributions are always gratefully accepted. As we take in the magic of the holiday season, giving to those who have less makes each moment even more meaningful.

The Veterans Day Parade
Every year since 1929, New Yorkers have come together on Veterans Day to commemorate those who gave their lives for our country – and our city. This year, on November 11th, the tradition continues, with thousands of New Yorkers gathered to show appreciation and respect for those who have and who continue to serve. A moving wreath-laying ceremony at the site of the Eternal Flame in Madison Square Park kicks o the march at 10 a.m., with speakers, performers, a rifle salute, and the playing of Taps. The march then heads north up Fifth Avenue as a sea of active duty and retired service members, plus colorful marching bands and other performers, honor the service of all branches of the U.S. military.


Canstruction at Brookfield Place
From November 2nd until the 15th, the city’s premier shopping and arts destination, Brookfield Place, is home to Canstruction, an extraordinary annual design competition that is now in its 25th year. Competitors include teams of architects, engineers, and contractors tasked with building sculptures entirely out of unopened cans of food; the large-scale sculptures are displayed at Brookfield Place, and after judging, are donated in their entirety to City Harvest for distribution to those in need. Past pieces have ranged in scope from geometric shapes to ultra-realistic depictions of everyday objects such as apple cores to clouds pouring rain to a representation of Rodin’s famed “The Thinker.” Prompting endless “nice cans” jokes, but for a worthy cause.


Four-Course Fall Harvest Feast at Eataly 
Sure, nothing really beats Mom’s Thanksgiving feast at home. But that doesn’t stop our city’s bevy of talented chefs from trying! One such effort stands out from the rest: the fresh Chef’s Table Feast at Eataly (11/4), prepared before your eyes with the freshest local ingredients transformed into traditional Italian fare. We love the communal table, which feels like a friendly family meal (if your last name happens to be Batali) and each of the four courses is Italian in provenance but chosen to reflect the best produce, meat, fish, and other ingredients available in our region at this time of year. It’s a friendly seasonal celebration that nicely sets up the rest of the month – and sets the mood for giving thanks here in our beautiful city.