Ralph Lauren

The corner of Fifth Avenue and 55th St. is getting an Ivy League makeover as Ralph Lauren prepares to open its highly anticipated new store, the world’s first-ever Polo flagship. Located in a historic 1927 building with a restored limestone neoclassical-style façade, the store is sure to delight sophisticated shoppers who for years have flocked to the legendary and popular shopping district for the best designer items.  Spanning four floors and 38,000 square-feet, the flagship showcases Ralph Lauren’s signature Polo Men’s collection and brand new Polo Women’s collection, a line that is debuting here. Women can find everything from sophisticated tweeds and little black dresses to rugged outdoorsy looks and city-worn leather. The new Polo Women’s collection defines a new symbol of personal expression for the modern woman, a romantic bohemian with a cool sportiness that mixes “iconic all-American style with an eclectic downtown edge.” In addition to the best selection of Polo ever housed under one roof, the flagship will also feature The Polo Bar & Restaurant on the two lower levels, as well as the brand’s first-ever coffee shop, Ralph’s Coffee, on the second floor.

The Polo Bar & Restaurant

Inspired by classic American pubs, The Polo Bar & Restaurant embodies a warm, chic and intimate atmosphere where visitors can relax, drink, and feast on dishes like The Polo Burger, crab cakes and seasonal salads. The vibe is cool and refined yet casual, defined by aged-wood and leather, as well as fireplaces on both floors and sporty imagery that reflects the brand’s equestrian influences. The full bar will serve an array of cocktails, both traditional and contemporary, ranging from Martinis to Manhattans. This is Ralph Lauren’s first restaurant in New York City. To date, there are only two other Ralph Lauren restaurants – RL Restaurant in Chicago and Ralph’s in Paris.

Ralph’s Coffee

Brimming with symbolism and class, the revolutionary coffee shop debuting here – Ralph’s Coffee – is designed to embrace the free-spirited cool aura that encapsulates the Ralph Lauren brand. “The smell of freshly brewed coffee evokes so many memories for me,” says Ralph Lauren, “mostly of time spent with friends and family, the people I love. I wanted to develop these coffee blends in that spirit, and create a place where people could come together and take a break from their busy days.” Featuring private coffee blends from organic coffees, as well as sandwiches and treats, the atmosphere captures the timeless American spirit that Ralph Lauren exemplifies. Mementos will be available for purchase, including coffee mugs, baseball caps and t-shirts with the Ralph’s Coffee logo. It is clear that Ralph Lauren is not offering coffee merely as a frill, but rather executing this new venture with the same attention to detail its afforded to everything else. Coffee is now part of the experience, and quality is key.

Fifth Avenue Retail Boom

As one of the most active streets in the world, Fifth Avenue is home to some of the best shopping destinations, including luxury boutiques and flagships. Dotted between the fine designer stores lie some of the city’s most cherished landmarks like the Empire State Building, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Rockefeller Center. It’s the premier shopping mecca of the world, and the launch of Ralph Lauren’s Polo Flagship makes visiting a must-do!