Poured For Amour

For a romantic drink, these bars are the toast of the town


Aldo Sohm Wine Bar

New York is certainly not short of bars, but a special occasion with your significant other calls for someplace singular. No matter your tipple of choice—wine, champagne, cocktails, or something sweet—here are four that are certain to set the stage for a remarkable night out.

Aldo Sohm Wine Bar (151 W. 51st St.)
Created by the team behind the Michelin three-starred Le Bernardin—and located right across the street—Aldo Sohm Wine Bar is every oenophile’s dream: classy yet relaxed (think bookshelves lined with objets d’art, high ceilings, and oversized couches) with more than 200 wines from all ends of the earth and on all points on the price spectrum. Its namesake sommelier, who continues to also be the sommelier for Le Bernardin, has put together a menu that ranges from by-the-glass reds and whites starting from 11 dollars to rare Northern Rhônes that price in the thousands, along with an equally well composed food menu of charcuterie from Brooklyn, selections from Murray’s Cheese, and small plates to share.


Flûte Bar and Lounge (205 W. 54th St.)
Nothing signifies a celebration like champagne, and when this is in order, Flatiron’s Flûte Bar and Lounge is one of those rare, malleable spots that can suit just any occasion, be it a raucous birthday, a private dinner, or especially a romantic night on the town. Atmospheric with a vibe that’s intimate without being cheesy—think cozy and bohemian—secluded velvet seats basked in red light are ideal for a cuddling up with a bottle of bubbly. The champagne-topped cocktails are also superb, as is the extensive caviar selection for a more fanciful affair.


Lantern’s Keep (49 W. 44th St.)
Tucked inside the historic Iroquois Hotel, Lantern’s Keep is just the place to bring someone you’re looking to woo—with the help of some of the best cocktails in the city. Reservations are recommended at this 25-seat lounge, though you can also shimmy up unannounced and look to see if the lantern on the hotel’s facade is lit, signifying a go-ahead to come on in. Inspired by a turn-of-the-century Parisian salon with dark lacquered walls and paintings done in the the style of Degas, the bar is as refined as its cocktail menu, which is prepared by some of the city’s top bartenders. Among the favorites are the Clean Shave—a slightly spiced rendition of a Negroni—and the signature Iroquois #2 with cognac, lemon, chartreuse, and pineapple.


Sugar Factory (835 Washington St.) 
sugar-factoryAs if Dylan’s Candy Bar were mixed with Studio 54, Sugar Factory comes with quite the package. It’s got a hot seat in the Meatpacking district; a lavish rendition of an old-fashioned candy shop; and a restaurant and bar that’s lured in a celebrity clientele with its dessert feasts and drinks fueled with nice booze (and perhaps a little food coloring too). Don’t be surprised if you feel as if you’re on the date your six-year-old self would have dreamed of. Signature cocktails come in goblets with decadent amounts of candy or fruit floating in generous amounts of liquor, martinis taste like bubble gum and milkshakes, and the dessert menu offers everything from crepes, cakes, and ice cream to a 1,000-dollar Chocolate Gold fondue.