Nailing Your Netflix Look

Incorporate These Characters’ Wears into Your Everyday Wardrobe

The emulation of characters from pop culture has long been the way that trends are formed and perpetuated. Now that Netflix has risen as a fixture in western entertainment, shows like House of Cards, Master of None and Stranger Things have become true norths for us not only for epic storytelling but also for style icons. As New York is the fashion capital of America (and arguably for the world), our retailers have everything you’ll need to strut your stuff mirroring your favorite Netflix characters, either uptown or down.


What would binge-watching Netflix be without hours surrendered to political drama House of Cards? Kevin Spacey’s perfectly tailored suits for his sneaky alter ego, Frank Underwood, have set a new standard for menswear. To start this look off, go no further than Hugo Boss, which is exactly whom the show’s custom designer, Johanna Argan, has turned to to showcase Underwood’s presidential prowess through style. Their made-to-measure suits are the stuff of legend, with expert tailoring and pristine fabrics to suit (no pun) literally every occasion. Whether you’re after pinstripes, plaids, or simply solids, Hugo Boss will ensure that you walk away dressed to take over America.

Obviously, you’ll need a f lawlessly crisp button-down to go with your power suit, so head to Brooks Brothers for one of their custom collared masterpieces. If you’re going to be Frank Underwood, then you might as well go full tilt, right? While you’re at Brooks Brothers, pick up a tie or two. The Solid Rep tie is an excellent option, as there’s a wide variety of color options. You can go for the cool and calm sky blue or the raging red to show them that you mean business.

And while you’re storming your way through the political gauntlet, step into a pair of Scelto Oxford Lace-Ups. These midnight black kicks are an impressive amalgam of contemporary edge and classic debonair sophistication. A tall, built-up sole with a distinctive texture will have you towering above all those around you.



Aziz Ansari’s character on Master of None is a lovable combination of the very dapper and the very youthful. It’s about slim fits all around. When Ansari’s costumed as Shah, he operates with an arms- open-wide attitude toward adventurous wardrobe choices, veering toward the boyishly chic.

Theory’s Slim Shirt is absolutely something that he’d wear, both in Dew (an off-white) and Fresh Water (a slate blue). The cut is flattering and form-fitting in all the right places by way of expert darting in the back. The pronounced and pointed collar creates an angular framing for your face and the stretch cotton will permit some movement so you won’t feel constricted.

Layer on AMI’s Bomber Jacket, which is personal favorite of Ansari that segues well into his portrayal of Dev. With a ribbed shawl collar and a badass two-way zipper it scream casual, sophistication of a man in the city. The zippers are a stark series of silver dashes and the ribbed hem and cuffs keep the chill out. Finish off this look with a pair of Brooks Brothers Suede Tie Driving Moccasins in Navy. Leather-lined, they’ll add a touch of softness to this über-sharp ensemble, and they are also on o er in a deep, rich burgundy.



Perhaps a quirkier option, the youthful exuberance of this look can certainly suit the adult man. Comfort is the key here. And the goal. Start off which a delightfully soft graphic tee from The Gap, particularly The Mario, featuring Nintendo’s most prominent celebrity. Popeye and Princess Leia are also excellent choices. Keep your eye out for anything that screams out stellar vintage material rather than searching for something edgy or contemporary. The overall image here is softness meets playful fun.

A denim jacket is the next item to perfect your ideal Stranger Things wardrobe, and thankfully Levi’s has a great selection of those. The Trucker jacket is just about perfect and comes in some slamming 80’s-inspired washes, including the notorious Buckman Deconstructed, which is their homage to light denim. It’s not quite acid-washed, so you’ll still have a bit of contemporary energy going for you.

And of course, there’s Dustin’s trucker hat. Don’t scoff. These things can still be stylish as long as you find something about them that contributes to the totality. Vineyard Vines has a whimsical version, the Flag Whale Patch Trucker Hat (offered in both red and blue) that features their iconic whale logo decked out with stars and stripes.