Mother’s Day Gifts

We’ve got you covered for taking care of mother this holiday


It’s almost Mother’s Day! Don’t make the same mistake as last year, when you saw a Mother’s Day ad the day-of, and made a last-ditch effort to buy flowers before finally caving and giving your mom an overly enthusiastic phone call. Or the year you ordered her chocolates, only to find out that she was on a new diet. This year, we’ve saved you the guilt, the anxiety, and provided all the inspiration you need to make your Mother’s Day gift such a hit that she’ll be bragging about it to her friends until July. After all, you can never say thank you enough to your mother! Treat her to something beautiful, from a new scent to jewelry and more.


Penhaligon’s has been a master of the perfume industry for decades—well centuries, really, since its British beginnings date back to 1870. So when it comes to making something nice for mom, you can count on the quality and the brand of their perfumes to be something she’ll be pleasantly surprised by. Their newest scent, Equinox Bloom, was just developed this spring as their first “gourmand” perfume, inspired by the tastes and sensations of British Afternoon Tea. Picture a fabulous British salon, with overstuffed cushions and florals everywhere, also reflective of the abundance of early spring. Are you taking notes? Your mom will love this story! The bottle is as pretty as the scent inside, with frosted glass and a delicate bow and stopper. Pick up at their store at Rockefeller Center, at Saks Fifth Avenue, or online (and get a free sample with every purchase!) (620 Fifth Ave.)

Prove that you thought ahead by making mom a piece of jewelry that’s totally her own, with Pandora’s customizable charm bracelets. Choose your band—leather, silver, gold, or textile, and then pick out a series of charms that tell a story by capturing specific memories, hobbies, and more. Sparkling pave charms catch the eye in glittering color, while a dangling flower charm will make mom smile that you remembered her favorite bloom. If in doubt, the heart clasp is a go-to pleaser, or a family heritage charm features an intricate gold and silver tree. Add your siblings’ birthstones, so mom can keep you all close, and feature the family pets with wee animal details. To start a fun tradition, start with a few charms and add one each holiday for the rest of the year—we’ve now solved all your gifting issues for the foreseeable future! Stop in at two official retailers in the city (Herald Square: 1284 Broadway; Soho: 494 Broadway)


Moms may be practical, but they love a little luxury as well. For the woman who always has a tissue on hand when you need it, carries around your favorite candy, and never leaves home without her purse, a Tod’s bag will make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Bright colors and snakeprint designs are available for the eccentric mama, but you can’t go wrong with one of their signature shapes in a neutral leather. The Small Wave Bag has a wide leather band with snap fastening on the sides, which conceals a double zipper, a removable strap, and a back pocket for her to slip things into on the go. Luxurious features like glossy leather and detailing are immediately apparent, but this bag is versatile as well. Not sure what color to get? Opt for the tri-color edition, featuring an aesthetically-pleasing mix of brown, black and white in a classy stripe. (650 Madison Ave.)

Even the woman who says she already has it all will appreciate some pampering in the form of cosmetic treats from C.O. Bigelow. From hand lotion to candles to skin remedies like magical cream for chapped hands, your mother will think of you (and thank you) each time she uses a product. Does mom like to garden? Bigelow’s bestselling “patio oil” sells-out of stores regularly, with a natural insect-repelling formula that’s perfect whether you’re out working in the yard or enjoying an evening summer cocktail with friends. Your mom won’t even believe how insightful and thoughtful you are! Run to their West Village location today! (414 Sixth Ave.)