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Wardrobe Selections for Thanksgiving

The leaves have fallen and the temperature has cooled way down. Just as we jump into the intensity of the holiday season, the call of Thanksgiving is summoning everyone to reach out to friends and loved ones to celebrate gratitude. It’s a snuggly time, one that begs for comfortable attire. Whether you’re padding about in your pajamas or kicking back on the couch while watching football, or if you’re seated at the table to carve into some turkey, we have all of the threads you could possibly need to make this Thanksgiving the best-dressed one yet.


Turkey time at the table is, of course, the centerpiece of the entire Thanksgiving holiday celebration. For this point of the day, you’ll want to step up your game and wear something dressier. Thanksgiving isn’t meant to be black tie though, so a step below business casual is ideal. Thoughtful but not stuffy is the key. A pair of Banana Republic’s Standard Plaid Performance Stretch Wool Dress Pants are an excellent start to an appropriate look. Half-lined on the inside, they’ve been engineered to be stain and wrinkle resistant (so no worries if you spill some gravy in your lap). There’s a bit of stretch built in as well, to keep things on your side as you scarf down one of the biggest meals you’ll eat all year. With a flat-fronted silhouette, there are some other nifty features in these pants, such as piping on the interior of the waistband to help keep your shirt tucked in.

J. Crew’s Ludlow Chukka Boots are perfect for such an occasion, riding the line between dressy and casual. The homey atmosphere of Thanksgiving almost calls for the rugged quality in these beautiful leather ankle boots. Finally, the Lexington Company’s Eric Sweater in creamy off-white is the cherry on top of this ensemble. A half-turtleneck in an opulently touchable wool, you won’t need to worry about a button-down as you spend the day with your loved ones.


When you’re craving some traditional T-day football, you obviously don’t need be too concerned with dressing to impress. You will, of course, want to be comfortable. For the hardcore New York football fan, pop a New York Giants New Era 2017 Sideline Offfcial Sport Knit Hat, which you can easily find at The NFL Shop’s online store. Not only does this little guy keep your head warm, but the festive pom-pom and bright NY Giants logo celebrate your love of one of the greatest teams in the league. GAP’s French Terry Logo Joggers are sweats for the hip everyman. You can catch a nap in ‘em while easily transitioning to welcoming friends to join you on the couch. Featuring an adjustable drawstring and the GAP’s logo emblazoned on the hip, they come in three distinctive colors: new heather gray, tapestry navy and moonless night.

For your upper half, throw on a Champion Reverse Weave Fleece Crew Neck Sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters. Keeping it super simple, the Champion logo is embroidered on the chest and just above the cu on one sleeve. Choose from white, charcoal or light gray and crack some cold ones in a state of supreme relaxation…until the first turnover that is.


Start with J. Crew’s Cotton Lounge Pant in dog print. Soft and breathable, these drawstring pajama bottoms are outfitted with two side pockets, as well as an additional one in the back. You’ll never want to get out of them. While they’re obviously known more for boots, Australian shoe empire Ugg have released several slamming pairs of slippers for both men and women. The Ascot Slipper, particularly the pair in China Tea brown leather (though they are also available in black) feature Ugg’s signature natural wool interior and an expertly stitched outer body to keep your feet stylishly warm. Top this ensemble off with a glorious Oxford Robe in light Blue Royal (yes, you read that right) from Ralph Lauren. A full-length a air that’s been made with lightweight cotton and features the brand’s signature pony embroidered on the chest, it’s dapper sleepwear at its finest.