Floral Fever

A Classic Move for Spring

Spring has sprung, and that means floral prints are appearing everywhere. After toiling through frigid weather and bare trees, the city is now alive with activity, trees are budding, and we’re seeing blossoms peeking from the branches. There is a long tradition of our wardrobe choices reflecting these changes. Of course, the outside is a direct reflection of what’s happening within, but the reverse is also true. Winter is over and it’s time to celebrate.


Like tending to an orchid, integrating florals into formal wear requires some special care. Knowing where the real drama is on the overall outfit is essential. Canadian-born designer Erdem Moralioglu’s visit to Japan has given birth to a magical collection for spring that draws its inspiration from the 1930’s cross-cultural exchange between the East and West. The line’s swirling koi prints and sprinkling of florals across pieces that bear a resemblance to traditional kimonos are a beacon of stunning feminine opulence.Erdem

However, if you’re not looking for bright colors but still crave that natural, earthy nod to spring, Versace’s Baroque Embroidery Leather Dress is an edgy alternative to what we’ve come to know as a floral. Featuring a sleek and simple cut, the winding leaves and blossoms in the Baroque embroidery along the neckline tip the hat to the season without looking at all like a tired Easter Dress. Couple it with a hot pair of pumps or even high boots, and this little black dress is anything but common.




Sneakers are obviously enlisted as necessaries for busting your butt at the gym, but the right pair of kicks can bring some much-needed electricity to a stiff casual ensemble. Gucci’s Ace embroidered low-top sneaker is a commemoration of springtime’s penchant for florals, with a bright poppy blossom bursting into bloom atop the shoe’s luxurious white leather. The astonishing appliqué with an embroidered bow on the back gives just the right touch of drama for catching the eye of that special someone as you walk away. Perfect with a pair of jeans or even with a flirty sun dress, these sneakers are a cut above the doldrums of a solid, blocky shoe.


Christian Louboutin’s effusive and colorful floral-print “Pik Boat Woman Flat” slip-on sneakers are a crackling hybrid of flower child and edgy rock. Detailed with a halo of pale-goldtone spikes along the edges, you can slip into a pair of these to invoke your inner steampunk fairy princess.



There’s no reason that casual wear needs to look run down or tired. While there’s constant effort required for the über polished uniform that’s a must at the office, casual wear can look put together while still being supremely comfortable. Marc Jacobs’ Short-Sleeve Ruffle Dress is a billowy cotton masterpiece that features a romantic pastel print. Taking femininity to the extreme, this little number is a swirling Victorian-inspired silhouette with a heap of modern phantasmagoria.

Marc Jacobs

On the heels of launching her new album, Be Myself, rock icon Sheryl Crow’s new line of clothing is a vintage-inspired collection which features pieces bearing an all-American image with a hearty dose of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Partnering with HSN in April, there’s a warmth and a retro- feel to the entire brand. Details are everywhere, with floral embroidery, cascading hippie draping, as well as edgy zippers and distressed tees. It’s all wonderfully comfortable and totally badass.

Sheryl Crow


As we enter the warmer months, we start to plan getaways for Spring Break and even begin looking toward summertime excursions to the beach and the pool. Once upon a time, Vilebrequin was the providence of menswear. In the last few years, however, the luxury brand has expanded to include some great pieces for women, including a glorious line of swimwear. With an eye on high-quality construction and an exuberant dose of whimsy, the Micro Turtles Jacquard Terry Flechett bikini is a flattering uniform for Spring Break fun in the sun. It’s more than embroidery, it’s more than a print. The 3D quality of the little turtles climbing across the fabric will have you living out all of your mermaid fantasies.


If you’re looking to turn up the heat, Miami-based bathing suit connoisseur Ilde Goncalves’ brand, Ilde Swimwear, is an electric way to go. Featuring several pieces this season to bring out your inner oral beach goddess, these barely-there suits will de nitely turn heads with some scorchingly hot options for catching some rays.