Femme Fatales for Halloween

Looks Inspired by Your Favorite Costumes

Halloween is a time for self-expression and frivolity. Even if your day-to-day life doesn’t allow for much creativity, this season we encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone to let some of that energy in. Maybe you’re not into playing dress-up on October 31st, but you can still wrap yourself up in a flamboyant revision of what pieces you’d typically gravitate toward. Let loose. If you’re normally the buttoned-up type, why not be a bit wild? If you play it fast and loose, how about a sublime wardrobe updo? Whatever your inclinations might be, let Halloween be an opportunity to have some fun with who you are and what you wear. Take a peek at these iconic characters and the radiant looks that they’ve inspired.

Comic book genius Bob Kane invented the feline anti-hero, Catwoman in the spring of 1940. Since that time, her costume has evolved many times and has incorporated numerous iterations of shapes and colors. However, none are more iconic for the burglar/detective than her sexy black catsuit. While we’re not encouraging you to go the rubberized route that Michelle Pfeiffer took in the 1992 Tim Burton film adaptation, we do have something that will scratch all of your Selina Kyle itches.

Isabel Benenato’s Cropped Biker Jacket is a form-accentuating and streamlined and shapely black leather, wool-yak blend and wool-linen blended option as the cooler weather blows in. The bottom hem is rounded and the zippered front, when opened, cascades like a waterfall. Zip it up, and you’ll be ready to sleekly slip through the streets as evening descends. For the bottom, H&M’s leggings in imitation leather keep the focus on your curves while keeping you comfortable with an elasticized waistband. And while they might not be practical
for running from Batman, check out KENDALL + KYLIE’s gorgeous Anabel stiletto boots complete this exquisite raiment. These over-the-knee pull-ons, with their pointed toes will give you an extra four inches of lift, all the while showing everybody that you mean major business! They’re purrrrfect!

CLEOPATRAWrapped in a rug, bitten by a snake and presiding over an empire as perhaps one of the most glamorous women in history, Cleopatra’s allure is indeed incomparable. To capture the essence of her adornments, first take a good long gander at J. Crew’s Embroidered cross-back maxi dress, which could be seen as a contemporary spin on what the Egyptian ruler might have worn. The flowy white cotton-linen affair that bears just a touch of embroidered drama at the bust and leading up the straps. The waist (your natural one, thank you very much) is cinched with an extra dash of darker stitching.

An accessory often passed by, the metal upper armband is exactly right to go with a dress like this one. Free People’s Metal Upper Armband in worn gold knots is majestic and carries a magical air, beautifully offsetting the symmetry of the overall look. Steve Madden’s JAZY gladiator sandals complete your perfect Cleopatra. Their strappy uppers and braided leather laces are topped o with tassels to give you that extra bit of grandiose fanfare.


If she could turn back time, even she couldn’t resist this ensemble: pop diva, Cher has seen a myriad of style incarnations over the span of her illustrious career. Perhaps one of the most noted eras of the last many decades has been her stint on network television opposite Sunny Bono. Designer Bob Macke made his mark as she rose to prominence and we have a few pieces that you can don to emulate that same radiant whimsy.Start off with Etro’s Silk Palazzo Pants, with its orange and pink snakeskin-like pattern. Along with their light weight, they’re cut with a wider leg down to the ankle so you can rock the flared openings like Cher did back in the 70’s. J. Crew’s Cold-shoulder top with bell sleeves is a wild throwback to 1970’s glamour. Whether you’re opting for the vivid sapphire blue or the seductive black option, this bare shouldered top with it’s billowy wide sleeves and ruffled detailing is fabulously flirty.