Dining Spotlight Interview: Il Mulino Prime

A Modern Steakhouse in SoHo

The Il Mulino New York brand has become known amongst its diners for a certain measure of style and service in addition to the perfectly prepared and elevated Italian dishes. While some of those signature menu items are available at the o shoot Il Mulino Prime, here what’s most celebrated is the modern steakhouse fare. It’s the company’s first venture in this arena, but you’d never know it. Practicing the same attention to detail and pride in its offerings, the two-year-old SoHo spot is a perfect fit for the brand. Antonio Toro, Il Mulino Prime’s general manager, explained how the dedication of the staff and extreme expertise of the chefs have made the transition a seamless one.

There’s a certain style and unparalleled service at Il Mulino Prime. What are some of the key components to make the overall dining experience here paramount?

The food is amazing. Our chef puts in a lot of hard work and dedication into his passion. He constantly likes getting feedback from his guests and takes his work to extreme measures. Nothing feels better than just seeing people’s reaction after their first bite.

Service: the staff here is wonderful and pleasant. Well-mannered professionals who also have passion for what they do in many ways, from detailing dishes to pairing wines. I always tell my team, when you go out on the floor, you guys become like Broadway actors. Go out and put on the best show possible and make a long-lasting impression to the people they are serving so they may go home and always remember their experience and would want to come back and share it with a friend.

There’s certainly no shortage of steakhouses in Manhattan. How does Il Mulino Prime set itself apart?

Il Mulino Prime is the company’s first steakhouse concept; with its sexy and classy modern décor it surely invites an Il Mulino New York style for the future generation. Located in SoHo shopping district, it is also a great place to stop by during shopping. Many high-profile guests come here because it’s relaxing, great for business networking, and has grown to become the neighborhood place to go in SoHo.

How are the cuts chosen, and where are your purveyors?

Cuts are chosen by a multitude of people in the company, from our high arches to our corporate chef Michele Mazza down to the management team at Il Mulino Prime. We have a great selection to choose from, from dry-aged to Prime cuts all depending on which type of meat you select. The meats come from a meat company in North Bergen, New Jersey.

What’s your personal favorite, prepared how, and served with what?

Personal favorite, wow, now that’s tough because I am all about the meats. I would have to incline with Bone-In Prime Filet Mignon medium rare with a side of Brussel sprouts and/or garlic spinach.

il-mulino-prime_barIs there anything exciting going on with the cocktail program that you’d like to share?

We have an exciting cocktail list, all inspired from the late, great poet Ernest Hemingway. He said, “I drink to make other people more interesting.” Well, what we put into play was how about we make our cocktails interesting. One of my personal favorites is the To Have And Have Not; it combines Combier Pamplemousse Rose (Grapefruit Liquor), Meletti Amaro, Pomegranate Syrup, Lemon, and Prosecco.

The restaurant is in SoHo, a smaller space that only seats 60. Is it better to come with a more intimate group?

Either way it is great. The beauty of Il Mulino Prime is that even though it may seem like a nice, cozy, and intimate place for a couples dinner, we have had many occasions where we hosted large dining and it has always been a blast.

With it being December, a lot of people are looking to celebrate the holidays with a nice meal out. What makes Il Mulino Prime the perfect place to do that?

For multiple reasons. For starters we have a great variety of dishes to choose from. What makes Il Mulino Prime so great is that it also contains many of the Classic Italian Il Mulino New York dishes you can choose from. The ambiance is very welcoming and pleasant to dine without so much commotion.