Concert Spotlight: Interview With Marc Anthony

Icon returns home for first-ever Radio City shows
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One of New York’s hometown talents, Marc Anthony, may no longer live in the city – but he most definitely considers it home. The Grammy and Latin Grammy Award-winning salsa musician takes the stage not one but five times for his first-ever appearances at Radio City Music Hall August 26 – September 3 for an intimate show dubbed “The Private Collection.”

Now based in Miami, Anthony is busy not only on building on his 12 million albums sold as a solo artist but now has various entertainment and sports management clients, keeping him connected to New York City not just through family and personal history, but also athletes like New York Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman and New Jersey rising pop talent Matt Hunter.

From English-language breakthroughs “I Need To Know” and “You Sang To Me” to the anthemic “Vivir Mi Vida” (“Live My Life” – the longest running #1 salsa single of all time at 18 weeks), Anthony continues to make a name for himself as an entertainer, business mogul and philanthropist. New York City Monthly caught up with Marc about his upcoming return to New York…

Some of the best artists are also business people, like yourself. Jay Z has Roc Nation, which just signed on Romeo Santos as CEO of the Latino division, Pitbull is an international marketer and mogul. Beyond your own music and entertainment ventures, you are now keeping busy with your Magnus Sports division which manages talent like the Yankees’ Aroldis Chapman and Chicago Cubs player Jorge Soler not to mention your artist roster that includes Alejandro Sanz, Chino y Nacho and more. Besides the obvious business moves, what has been most exciting to you about signing athletic and musical talent to your company?

For years artists have been calling me for career advice, and I’ve always given it. But to now have a vehicle to put at their service, to be able to deliver solutions and see that you are making a difference for them is extremely gratifying to me personally.

You of course grew up in Spanish Harlem in New York City, but you now live and operate your business in Miami. What is most enjoyable for you when you return to New York, what do you miss the most and what makes you thrilled to return to your hometown?

Yes, I was born and raised in Spanish Harlem and lived in New York most of my adult life. My life, my music and career started here. The fact that I no longer live in New York doesn’t mean I don’t consider this amazing city my home. I walked and lived in these streets for most of my life.

The decision to move operations to Miami had more to do with practicality. I’m constantly touring and Miami’s close proximity to Latin America makes it an easier passage for me and my team.

I love everything about New York – the people, their bravery and that New York attitude. I often say that when I do my shows here, it feels like I’m having the largest barbecue ever with all friends and family. I always, always look forward to that exchange. New York City doesn’t look, sound or feel like any other place in the world. It’s just fantastic.

When you are with your family in New York City or maybe while visiting on business or for pleasure, what are some of your favorite things to do or see in the city?

You know, I’ve had some memorable moments in the short amount of time that I have been living in Miami full time, but when it comes to New York my favorite things are Central Park, Broadway, the theater, the amazing feeling of getting lost in the crowds. You can walk pretty much everywhere here. And, of course my favorite Chinese and Latin food spots in my old neighborhood.

Fans have been listening to Marc Anthony music for 20 years or more. “I Need To Know” was a global breakthrough back in 1999 and you have numerous #1 hits and wildly popular albums. You are calling this “The Private Collection” at Radio City, promising your full catalog of hits and favorites. What is it like for you to play the majority of your popular material and maybe some personal selections in your hometown, where your family and friends and some of your greatest supporters are?

Hey, when I tell you I’m thrilled, I really mean it. This is the first time ever that I get to bring my solo concert to this venue. We’ve been trying to book dates at Radio City for a long time, but our schedules didn’t coincide until now. I remember being a kid growing up here and dreaming of playing at all of these legendary venues and here I am. The concert will be a music journey. The audience will get to know my favorite songs and also hear a few new ones. Some of them I’ll sing on my own and others with friends and colleagues that I have recorded with in the past. And, surprise performances by artists that I’ve always wanted to work with. Radio City is a dream come true for me.