Concert Spotlight: Interview with LOCASH

Hit Songwriting Duo Are Ones To Watch in NYC

LOCASH_1Country duo LOCASH made a name for themselves in 2016, with their third album “The Fighters” building momentum from lead single “I Love This Life” and follow-up #1 smash “I Know Somebody” impacting radio in a big way. The Nashville-based songwriters, Chris Lucas (originally from Maryland) and Preston Brust (from Indiana) have written hits for Keith Urban (“You Gonna Fly”) and Tim McGraw (“Truck Yeah”), performed the National Anthem at Game 2 of The World Series last year in Cleveland, have appeared on numerous talk shows and have been touring on the Ones To Watch Tour for the better part of 2016, on a trek that is continuing this year with a stop at New York’s Irving Plaza on February 9 with Michael Tyler as support.

LOCASH are particularly memorable as a live act because their sets vary from night to night, they often play lively and unexpected covers such as varied as TLC’s “No Scrubs” and Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” and it’s a party with friends every night. With new single “Ring On Every Finger” heating up the charts in time for Valentine’s Day, the duo is poised for another successful year. The guys of LOCASH spoke with NYC Monthly
about their 2009 experience playing New Year’s Eve in Times Square with Megyn Kelly’s support, why “The Fighters” is a meaningful song for New Yorkers and why the city is one of the most romantic places on earth.

LOCASH wrapped a fantastic 2016 with your infectious #1 single “I Know Somebody,” singing the National Anthem at Game 2 of The World Series and performing on programs like The Talk, Today Show and Jimmy Kimmel. What do all these achievements mean to you after years in the country music world, writing songs for other artists for other artists and finally getting your shot in the spotlight?

Chris Lucas: Man, it’s a surreal moment for us, we’ve been doing this a long time. We’re blessed to have a lot of people cut our albums and our records, but me and Preston moved to Nashville to do this thing with LOCASH but it’s been a roller coaster ride, a lot more down than up, but right now it’s up. We’ve hit rock bottom, we’ve lost houses, cars. You find a positive – people truly believed in us and we are very comfortable with the songwriting but we had a bigger dream and we put it all on the line and here we are.

Preston Brust: I think any time you sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl or the World Series the nerves set in, and we’re honored to do that for our country. You wanna make sure that it’s respectable and that everyone can sing along and that you don’t mess up. We had a chance to rehearse before we went there, it went off without a hitch and we even got to meet Hank Aaron that night, which was really cool. That was like a dream come true, it kind of took the edge off singing.

LOCASH’s new single “Ring On Every Finger” is really the perfect Valentine’s Day song, it’s upbeat and feel-good, with a little Latin guitar vibe. New York City is one of the most romantic cities in the world, you even included some flashmob scenes of people in the lyric video. What has been particularly “romantic” for LOCASH in terms of the feeling you got performing or visiting here in the past?

PB: You’re right. New York City is the busiest and the craziest and the most people in the world, but at the same time, man, when the lights go down it is like the most romantic city in the world, because it becomes the perfect backdrop for dinner for two or ice skating, I think of those scenarios, or going to a little Italian restaurant. It’s movie-esque, it’s always been that way. Fortunately, it was a coincidence that we used that piece in Times Square, it just kind played right into the lyric video perfectly, someone proposed and there was so much energy there. When he hits his knee and proposes to his girl in what most people consider the most lit-up, busiest place in the world, it kind of makes the world go away for her, and that’s an amazing moment to make Times Square disappear. Who wouldn’t want to get engaged in Times Square?

CL: Yeah, I mean it’s a very romantic song, it has a cool twist to it and every guy would want to do this for the one he loves. For a girl it’s fantastic. For a guy, he might take offense to this because he has to buy 10 rings, but the women will love us.
LOCASH_2You are continuing your headlining “Live Nation Ones To Watch Tour” this year. What is your favorite part about touring and taking the stage?

CL: I think we have always loved touring, we are road dogs. We have loved each city, meeting different fans, one at a time. It’s very important for us to connect to the world, and it’s what we love to do. We make them know country artists are very personable, we are just like everybody else. We’re in a great position to be role models and that’s why we love touring.

During your free moments in New York City during your visits, what is something you have enjoyed doing that might surprise fans?

PB: I have a favorite restaurant, Cafe China on 37th and it’s unbelievable, it’s my favorite Chinese restaurant in the world. I always try to get Chris to go with me but he doesn’t like spicy food so I need to trick him into going with me. It’s not a huge restaurant, and the line’s almost out the door every time.

CL: I love the the lights, the fast pace, I’m from Baltimore, so I’m used to the fast pace. To be honest with you I love the romance, I love to take my wife to New York City, there’s so many great places. It’s just a fantastic city.

PB: One thing that comes to mind is we played Times Square in 2009 right outside for Fox News on New Year’s Eve, it was an amazing night. Megyn Kelly took us up there where all the reporters are on the bleachers to watch the ball drop, it was an amazing NYC experience that I’ll never forget.

CL: We were so young, we didn’t even know how we got on it. And then Megyn became a big fan of ours.

Your song “The Fighters” is a really powerful ballad that can take on so many meanings. New Yorkers are tough people with a passion for life. They work long hours, travel on long commutes and have to dodge thousands of people on a daily basis. Do you agree this song is perfect for New Yorkers and why should fans not miss out on your show?

CL: I totally agree, Fighters represents everybody in American, maybe everybody in the world. You gotta fight for everything you get. But when we say this on stage we say you don’t have to fight each other, you have to fight together. There’s a struggle though, to get home to their kids or their significant other, everyone in America striving, getting knocked down, going through seriously hard times. But you have to get back up and believe that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Why should fans and concert goers who may not be familiar with you check out LOCASH right now?

CL: They should come to our show cause it’s so much fun. Every show is sort of different from the last one and the one tomorrow and I don’t really have a set list. We sort of tailor the show for that night, cause you can’t really plan a whole night. We could go through a whole routine, but there’s nothing special about that show. We try to make these moments each night and we’re not afraid to connect with the audience each night. I think that makes our show a little extra special. We don’t even know what we’re going to do at Irving Plaza. Something’s going to happen that night that we can’t plan and you just have to be there.