Broadway From Top To Bottom

Active-wear Along Broadway For Fall

Broadway is NYC’s Old Reliable. No matter where you are along the 13-mile stretch of the city’s most notorious avenue, you’re sure to find super chic active-wear and epic workout accessories. For those serene sunset runs in Central Park or that intense early morning yoga class, we’ve got you covered for everything that you’ll need to keep your hard-won beach body through the end of the year. Uptown or down, here are some of the hippest places along Broadway for the gear you need to feel the burn.

Lululemon  (2139 Broadway)
While all of their locations tote their trademark super slick ethos, Lululemon’s 75th Street location seems to be a favorite among New Yorkers. Part of this might be due to the lived-in, neighborhood quality of the Upper West Side. They feature a free hemming/tailoring service for all hard-to-fit athletes. The store’s customer service has been celebrated by their clientele since its August 2012 opening. An expansive shopping area allows for a roomier experience for customers to partake of their signature workout gear, guaranteed to make all bodies look epically awesome. As an added bonus, check out the shop’s calendar of neighborhood-friendly classes and groups, which includes Namaste at Nine, a complimentary yoga/Pilates class every Saturday morning at 9 with snacks are provided afterward.

Swatch  (1535 Broadway)
A watch might not always be the first thing on everybody’s shopping list for exercise gear, but don’t count this accessory out. Even for timepieces not equipped with stopwatches, it can be helpful to have one, particularly if you’re a smartphone-free workout warrior. The Swatch Times Square location is often surrounded by a steady stream of tourists, but there are many reasons to check out this centrally placed shop. Surprisingly airy and open, with an electrically friendly staff, the selection is vast and the lines move quickly. There are swirling white fun-house-inspired counter surfaces, displaying Swatch’s wide array of timepieces. For the traditionalist, leather banded, silver and gold hardware watches are available alongside whimsical and colorful ones.

Aritzia (524 Broadway)
There’s a high amount of foot traffic in SoHo Aritzia, and while the shop is a large and in-charge presence for on-trend womenswear, there’s a lot to love here. The decor maintains a trendy edge, littered with posh millennials seeking out the brand’s thought- fully tailored minimalism. Assertive sales staff sail across the floor, ready with an offer to help you find what you need.

Flight Club (825 Broadway)
Sneakerheads beware: Flight Club will make you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven. Blocks away from the eclectic bombast of Union Square, Flight Club’s expansive 2500-square- foot space boasts a beautiful exposed brick interior. With a vast array of rare and limited-edition sneakers, the store also has a great selection of sunglasses, watches and sports apparel. Since 2005, the sneaker retailer features brands like Nike, Air Jordan, Reebok and Adidas. You can nd those perfect vintage trainers you loved in high school beside pairs of sleek, in-vogue toe shoes all encased in protective, plastic shrink wrap. There’s a hat wall and a fun se-lection of sports apparel garnishing their enormous inventory of pumped up kicks. Be on the lookout for super exclusive shoes available in the second room. There’s also a consignment op-tion where you can trade your old sneaks in for cold hard cash.