Autumn Fashion

Elegant Evening Wear For New York’s Cooler Months

Autumn in New York is the season for graceful sophistication showcasing versatility. While summertime had you seductively shedding layers, the Fall is all about ambidextrous fashion. The sun goes down earlier and soirees begin to move indoors, but that also means it’s time for masquerades, autumn-tinged black tie affairs and nighttime cocktail parties. Remember that your color palate also shifts during this transition. Earthy pieces are essential, and black is always on-trend, especially for New Yorkers (it is our standard issue uniform, after all). Sure, feel free to indulge in some sleek and chic darks…but don’t let it consume your entire wardrobe. Color is still your friend.

Valentino’s Rockstud collection is a unisex hat tip to androgyny. For men, the Untitled Poplin Shirt is a rockier alternative to the classic white button-down. A stark, crisp eggshell cotton, it features punk-tinged platinum studs on the bottom edges of the collar. You can probably go tieless with this bad boy, but paired with a fitted blazer, you’ll get to show off your inner rockstar. For the ladies, the elegant and whimsical Mini Tutu Dress in Crepe Couture is a gorgeous salute to the ballet. This little number’s dramatic, cowl neckline is an organza phantasmagoria, making it the perfect costume change for a nighttime masquerade.


It’s no surprise that there’s a wink and a nod to vintage chic for Halston this season. Since the 60’s, the brand has never completely abandoned its original, core aesthetic, even as it forges ahead with a bombastic collection for the fall. The Heritage Collection’s Crepe Mini Dress is a playful take on glamour. A high neck on a black mini lengthens the leg, while calling attention to the flirty multi-strap, multi-chain detailing that’ll leave jaws dropping as you walk away. If your dance card calls for more formal threads, The Georgette Column Gown is an exquisite head-turner. This dress ties perfectly in with Halston’s Heritage Collection, as it also features the same multi-strap and chain detailing in back, but with a floor-length cut. There’s also an ultra-sexy slit up one side, an asset to show off a killer pair of shoes.

There’s something about a man in a tux, isn’t there? That kind of Cary Grant iconography heralds a dapper intelligence that every man strives for. Brioni’s Continental Tux is proof that classic is always an excellent choice. This mohair wool ensemble is the stuff of the Casino Royale, the pointy satin lapels rise above the fitted midsection, showcasing a v-shaped upper body. Meanwhile, if you have a taste for something a bit more adventurous, the Velvet Continental formal jacket is a nighttime feast for the eyes. Available in a rich chocolate or a delicious burgundy, it pairs exquisitely with a stark white button-down.

Black tie affairs are the providence of drama for evening wear. Dior’s high-art approach to fashion has yielded masterpieces like the Black Silk Crepe Pleated Dress, which could effortlessly be an ingénue’s raiment for a Verdi aria. Cascading like a midnight waterfall, the cut features a brilliant high hem in front with a flowing train billowing in the back. The asymmetrical waves of crepes pleats dash down from left to right, a chic gesture that wears like poetry. For a bit more youthful exuberance without sacrificing elegance, The Black Pleated Silk Tulle is the way to go. There’s a little bit of Shakespeare in the details of this one-shouldered frock. The black tulle and organza showcase white sequins across the cross-hatched torso, all above a sheer skirting effect at the bottom.