Andrew Marc


Andrew Marc is a leading designer brand renowned for high-end men’s and women’s leather, fur, down, and wool outerwear. For over 30 years, Andrew Marc has built upon a tradition of remarkable garments that define fashion, defy trends, and stand the test of time. The brand has since expanded to include sportswear, dresses, performance wear, footwear, bags and accessories. NYC Monthly was honored to speak with them recently…

NYCM: What is the Andrew Marc vision?

AM: Headquartered in New York City, Andrew Marc is truly a cosmopolitan brand, committed to producing collections based on innovation and luxury materials. Craftsmanship is the heart and soul of each design, with an uncompromising approach to materials, finding truth and sensuality in the rough edges. Andrew Marc is truly an iconic American brand, representing the rebel in all of us.

NYCM: What are some things that inspire the collections?

AM: Season after season, we remain true to our heritage, with silhouettes inspired by traditional archetypes throughout history – original biker jackets, military parkas and classic menswear styles – with innovative twists on proportions. The Andrew Marc Fall 2014 Men’s Collection represents the struggle between Man vs Nature. This modern collection embraces man as a determined creature with an inherent calling to transcend the forces of nature while creating new environments for survival. The Andrew Marc Fall 2014 Women’s Outerwear and Sportswear Collection brings TOUGH LUXE to the URBAN JUNGLE. This modern contemporary collection embraces the duality between a chaotic cosmopolitan world and the organized chaos of nature. 

NYCM: What are some of the most popular Andrew Marc items?

AM: We are predominantly known for our leather and fur outerwear & apparel.  If we had to choose one iconic Andrew Marc style, it would be the motorcycle jacket.

NYCM: Why is December an exciting month for Andrew Marc?

AM: We are most recognized for our outerwear (leather, fur, down, wool).  Winter/Holiday is our busiest season due to cold climates and the luxurious gift-giving season.

NYCM: Where can an NYC visitor or native craft an Andrew Marc look?

AM: When in NYC, Andrew Marc can be found at Saks Fifth Ave & Bloomingdale’s.  You can also find our Marc New York brand at Macy’s and Lord & Taylor.  In addition, visitors can access our digital flagship boutique – – from anywhere!

NYCM: How does Andrew Marc define fashion and defy trends?

AM: By staying true to our unique heritage/roots, uncompromising approach to quality/craftsmanship, using only the finest luxury materials, and paying extra attention to the details. Each season, we design timeliness styles (core Andrew Marc), as well as a more contemporary approach to the classics.

NYCM: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

AM: We launched our women’s ready-to-wear collection this Fall! RTW can be found at Neiman Marcus and on