A Cinco de Mayo Celebration en la Casa

How to Have an At-Home Fiesta for the Fifth of May

Añejos Cheeseburger Fundido

Usually an excuse for us New Yorkers to go out to our favorite taco shop or tequila bar, Cinco de Mayo will, for obvious reasons, look a little different this year. That’s not to say we can’t still have a good time at home.

What’s a Fiesta Without Margaritas?

With many bars and restaurants doing drinks to-go now, you don’t need to worry about perfecting the tequila to mix ratio. Pick up the real deal from one of these haunts.

La Palapa (East Village)
Available frozen or on the rocks, by the glass ($13) or pitcher ($33), we recommend the blood orange flavor and urge you to consider adding a mezcal floater for $3.

Calexico (Upper East Side, Park Slope, Greenpoint)
On offer are both their original and strawberry margaritas. If you really wanna get the party going, order a few of their Jell-O Shots made with 100% agave Pueblo Viejo Tequila.

La Playa Betty’s (Upper West Side)
Here’s where we suggest getting spicy with their Holla Pain Yo (jalapeño) marg ($12).  

Who’s Bringing the Chips?

It simply would not be a party without tortilla chips. And what are chips without dip? Salsa, guacamole, and queso fundido (for those feeling ambitious!), olé! When I dip, you dip, we dip.

Añejos Cheeseburger Fundido
Chef Richardo Camacho of Hell’s Kitchen’s Añejo has shared the details for the restaurants beloved dip, get the recipe here.

Dos Caminos Guacamole
This is our favorite version of “eating green.” Start with perfectly ripe avocados and recreate this crowd-pleaser at home.

Do Too Many Cervezas Lead to a Dance Party?

Yes, yes they do. We’ve got you covered.