Sunday Funday Football

A Guide To Find Your NFL Team’s Bar This Season

The NFL season is upon us. This means the Sunday kaleidoscope of jerseys will be on display throughout the city as people line up early to get a spot at their favorite bar. There are lots of places specifically catering to fans of every team so you can definitely find a place to watch with dozens of new, like-minded friends. Sure you’re in New York City, so the Jets and Giants will be everywhere. But as they say, when in Rome…do exactly what you would do at home. At least when it comes to your football team.


Professor Thom's

Professor Thom’s

Buffalo Bills: Kelly’s Sports Bar (12 Avenue A, 212-388-1464) is a charming spot for Buffalo sports and The Hog Pit (37 W. 26th Street, 212-213-4871), of all places, will serve you some delicious BBQ along with your Bills game. Who knew?

Miami Dolphins: The DolFansNYC group – yes, apparently this is a thing – will certainly be happy to have you join them at Slattery’s Midtown Pub (8 E. 36th Street, 212-683-6444) for all the games.

New England Patriots: Though rooting for this team can neither be condoned nor accepted in these parts, Tir na Nog (315 W. 39th Street, 212-760-0072) will have a large contingent of fans; or go to Professor Thom’s (219 Second Avenue, 212,260,9480) where the large order of loaded nachos comes on a giant pizza tray.


Brother Jimmy's

Brother Jimmy’s

Baltimore Ravens:  The sound will be on and there will be plenty of space at Mustang Harry’s (352 Seventh Avenue, 212-268-8930), which doubles as a spot for Denver Broncos games.

Cleveland Browns:
If you’re really going to put yourself through rooting for this team, find others with whom to commiserate at: Brother Jimmy’s Union Square (116 E. 16th Street, 212-673-6465), Dewey’s Pub (135 W. 30th Street, 212-685-7781) and Manny’s on Second (1770 Second Avenue, 212-410-3300).  New York City is heavily populated but that sure seems like a lot of Browns fans. P.S. Brother Jimmy’s is just a block or so from another big Ravens bar (see below), won’t that make for fun meetings.

Cincinnati Bengals: Standings (43 E. 7th Street, 212-420-0671) is an extremely well-liked sports bar and the “official” meeting place but Phebe’s (359 Bowery, 212-358-1902) serves Skyline Chili. Skyline Chili.

Pittsburgh Steelers: The only fan base capable of making Cowboys fans seem tolerable, Steelers fans are pretty ubiquitous on fall Sundays in the city. Irish Exit (978 Second Avenue, 212-755-8383) leads the way among several spots, boasting a Steelers-themed menu and a raucous atmosphere. And if you’re visiting from anywhere out of town, team fan or not, chances are you were already partying at Mean Fiddler (266 W. 47th Street, 212-354-2950).


Avenida Cantina

Avenida Cantina

Houston Texans: Avenida Tex-Mex Cantina (25 Avenue B, 646-882 -0593) will take you deep into the heart of Alphabet City but make you feel right at home down in Texas. Fabulous menu, fantastic fun, especially if the Texans win.

Indianapolis Colts: Keats (842 Second Avenue, 212-682-5490). It may seem unassuming but those in the know, know this is where to go.

Jacksonville Jaguars: A truly terrific sports bar, Legends NYC (6 W. 33rd Street, 212-967-7792) hosts a fantastic weekly celebration on Jaguars game day.

Tennessee Titans: An actual Titans fan consulted for this immediately said SideBAR (118 E. 15th Street, 212-677-2900) but that no longer seems to be the official meeting spot. However, there is a decent chance you will still find some others with whom to cheer.



Peter Dillon's

Peter Dillon’s

Denver Broncos: There is a strange symbiosis going on between the Broncos and Ravens, because here is a second bar hosting fans of both teams. For those preferring a more upscale experience, SideBAR (118 E. 15th Street, 212-677-2900) is excited to serve its fancy cocktails and artisanal food while showing the games. Who doesn’t want bottle service with their football Sunday?

Kansas City Chiefs: According to the venerable, the Village Pourhouse (64 Third Avenue, 212-979-2337) is “without a doubt, the biggest Chiefs bar in NYC”. And if the subways are actually running properly on Sunday, you can very quickly get to John Brown Smokehouse in Long Island City (10-43 44th Drive, 347-617-1120) where the pastrami and burnt ends might make you forget the game is on. Bonus points all around for wearing a Priest Holmes jersey.

Oakland Raiders: Magical things have been known to happen at Peter Dillon’s (140 E. 40th Street, 212-213-3998) where Black Hole East now makes its home. This is a great bar, seriously. Go enjoy the game.

San Diego Chargers: If you have chosen the NYC streets over the San Diego sun for football season, you will find solace at both Double Wide (505 E. 12th Street, 917-261-6461) and Scallywag’s Irish Pub (508 Ninth Avenue, 646-490-4803).





Dallas Cowboys: Stone Creek Bar & Lounge (140 E. 27th Street, 212-532-1037) is the “Official” bar for Cowboys fans in town, but on Sundays your compatriots are everywhere so you could really find the nearest place and not be the only person on the bandwagon.

Philadelphia Eagles: Any one of the four Shorty’s locations (66 Madison Avenue, 62 Pearl Street, 576 Ninth Avenue, 1678 First Avenue) will have games on with the sound, lots of beer choices, lots of types of cheesesteaks and lot of Eagles fans.

Washington Redskins: At Dorrian’s Red Hand Restaurant (1616 Second Avenue, 212-772-6660) you will find everything from current player jerseys to grown men dressed as hogs to a special Sunday menu boasting a drink named for George Allen and the “Riggins Pie” – a pizza with sausage, hot peppers and onions.



Gael Pub

Gael Pub

Chicago Bears: With a projection screen TV with sound, some actual great drink specials and some of the best bartenders in town, The Gael Pub (1465 Third Avenue, 212-517-4141) hosts a big Bears party each Sunday.  Another choice is Overlook (225 E. 44th Street, 212-682-7266), which has food specials like the Briggs Burger, the Cutler Chicken Cutlet Sandwich and other Windy City favorites.

Detroit Lions:  Mercury Bar East (493 Third Avenue, 212-683-2645) is a Lions-friendly locale where you will also be able to watch every other game on more screens than you can count.

Green Bay Packers: Mad River Bar & Grille (1442 Third Avenue, 212.988.1832) is home to all things Wisconsin sports with a lively crowd and indigenous specials for game day. If you are further downtown, Kettle of Fish (59 Christopher Street, 212-414-2278) welcomes supporters of the Green and Gold.

Minnesota Vikings: The best place around, bar none, to sport your purple and gold is Bar None (93 Third Avenue, 212-777-6663). For the hardcore fan in you all, it is quite a scene on Sundays.




Stillwater Bar & Grill

Atlanta Falcons: Terrific beer specials and a big screen TV showing the game at The Watering Hole (106 E. 19th Street, 212-674-5783), where you will be greeted by an inflatable Falcons lineman.

Carolina Panthers:  The Roaring Riot meets at Amity Hall (80 W. 3rd Street, 212-677-2290) where the fan club seems to only be growing.

New Orleans Saints: Where else but Bourbon Street Bar & Grille (346 W. 46th Street,  212-245-2030), the “premier NYC destination for New Orleans influenced cocktails, bourbons, and Cajun cuisine.”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Bucs fans have been going to Stillwater Bar & Grill (78-80 E. 4th Street, 212-253-2237) which happens to be a terrific, a welcoming sports bar that’s more interested in your happiness than bells and whistles.



Carlow East

Carlow East

Arizona Cardinals: Foley’s (18 W. 33rd Street, 212-290-0080) is a long bar with a baseball motif and more beers than NFL teams and is home to Cardinals gatherings on game day.

Los Angeles Rams: Local fans currently have to emulate the team’s nomadic ways since the most recent NYC Rams bar closed its doors. People have been going to Foley’s along with Cardinals fans but anywhere is better than watching at the LA Coliseum.

San Francisco 49ers: Finnerty’s (221 Second Avenue, 212-677-2655) is a great bar with great sight-lines and is the place for Bay Area Sports in New York City, they take their teams seriously.

Seattle Seahawks: One of the best parties and places on this entire list at which to watch your team is Carlow East (1254 Lexington Avenue, 212-744-6397) which has become a major destination for Seahawks supporters.