A Blast from 20 Years Past

Here’s What Was Happening in the Spring of the New Millennium

In 20 years when the world looks back on the spring of 2020 what do you think will be what’s most remembered? Is that a silly question?

Yes, first and foremost the topic of conversation will and should be the terrible COVID-19 pandemic and the medical, political, economical, and cultural ramifications of it. But, as with human nature, people will segue into talk of this quarantine’s direct impact on them. And for the fortunate, the memories will be compounded by the recipes we tried (and either nailed or botched), the TV we watched (yes, Tiger King will still be a relevant), and how our wardrobes consisted of almost exclusively loungewear for the entire season.

So, what is it we think about today as we look into the past 20 years at the spring of 2000? Let’s take a look.

Do you feel old yet?